Author Creates Beauty Pageant to Engage Readers in Her Fantasy Science Fiction Book “Jungle Beauty Goddess’s Pretty Blue Ball” about African American Female Heroes

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Cassandra George Sturges is launching her fantasy, science fiction book, “Jungle Beauty Goddess’s Pretty Blue Ball” by having readers answer essay questions and artistically express a scene from the book in a creativity beauty pageant for the chance to win $2,500.

Jungle Beauty Goddess's Pretty Blue Ball Book Cover

What do Superman, Spiderman, Iron man, The Flash, and Batman have in common? They are all white super heroes. If you add Static Shock and John Stewart to this list what do you have? They are all male super heroes. Female superhero Storm is a brown tinted version of Wonder Woman created from the white male perspective of feminine beauty, power, and wisdom.

If an African American woman created Black female superheroes, what kind of powers do you think they would possess? What kind of issues do you think they would address? For African American History Month, unleash the powers of The Jungle Beauty Goddess’s; America’s first African American Women super heroes created by black author, psychologist, Dr. Cassandra George Sturges.

Dr. Sturges has written and published a fantasy, science fiction novel titled, Jungle Beauty Goddess’s Pretty Blue Ball about seven sisters who were given planet earth as a present for their collective birthday. Readers are taken on an amazing journey with them as they develop planet Earth’s plants, creatures, and beings. Ironically, they discover that their “perfect human being” is but a mere embodiment of their own flaws and imperfections of being free-willed goddesses. They question the boundaries of their divine powers as they ponder whether or not it is possible to mold a being to be superior to its creator.

The author encourages readers to ponder questions such as: 1. If you were given planet Earth as a gift to develop, would the world be a better place than it is today? Explain why or why not. 2. If you created humans would you demand that they love and worship you in return for your blessings? 3. Would you be a hands-on god or goddess who interacts with your human beings daily or would your presence be unknown? This science fiction fantasy thriller skates the philosophical boundaries of creation and evolution leaving readers to re-think their concept of religion, God, and the meaning of life; while stretching the imagination to explore life on other planets.

Dr. Sturges organized a creativity beauty pageant where there is no weight, gender, or physical appearance requirements. Contestants over the age of 18 can apply for a chance to Win $2,500 Grand Prize in Ann Arbor, MI on July 27, 2013. The catch is that they must be themselves and find a clever, fun, entertaining way to artistically express their favorite Jungle Beauty Goddess and scene from the book, The Jungle Beauty Goddess’s Pretty Blue Ball.

Participants may use talents such as: cooking, sewing, hair & make-up, nail design, writing a poem or speech about their favorite JBG, sing a song in honor of their favorite goddess, rap, paint or draw a picture of their favorite JBG, create a captivating PowerPoint presentation or YouTube video about their favorite JBG, do a stand-up comedy routine, dance or act out a scene from the book representing their favorite goddess.

Dr. Sturges’ Motivation for Creating the Pageant:

“I think social media is an artificial meeting place where people have learned to be detached from each other and their physical environment. I want to create a fun activity where people can meet others in person, develop new friendships, and raise awareness about what it means to be human and the condition of our planet.” – Dr. Cassandra George Sturges

Please visit her website: to read an excerpt from the book; purchase the E-book or Hardcover Book and /or 100% hand-made, one of a kind, Jungle Beauty Goddess Fabric Art Dolls. If you are interested in a free eBook copy to be considered for a book review click contact on the website.

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