Literary Hit 'Sleeping with Jane Austen' is now an Amazon Kindle Book

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'In this funny-serious book,' wrote Alex O'Connell of the London Times, 'David Aitken pokes his finger in the stomach of the traditional crime novel, gently questioning our readiness to be mesmerised by crime and the causes of it.'

Sleeping with Jane Austen was originally published by No Exit Press in the UK and by Four Walls Eight Windows in the USA. What the critics said:

'An ambitious novel, brilliantly realised.' (Steven Bell, Scotland Online)

'An astonishingly vivid portrait of a catastrophically disturbed man, written with skill and precision.' (Jenny Wild, Waterstone's Catalogue)

'A waggish narrative describing a fatal fascination.. a great title.' (The Literary Review, Edinburgh)

'The premise of this book -- the confessions of a caged psychopath whose proclivity for women's ears has led to his imprisonment in a grim Dundee psychiatric institution -- does not automatically strike the casual browser as the most usual platform for a work of hilarious literary prose. David Aitken, however, has succeeded in forging a genuine work of literature which will appeal to all who have an interest in crime fiction. Aitken's literary credentials shine through as Daniel Adamson, the hero, alludes constantly to the great masters of fiction, often in veiled allusions which leave us wondering where we heard them before.

The plot seems very straightforward, mainly a confession of Daniel's crimes. Where Aitken lifts this onto a literary plane is in the tangential asides and personal appeals to the reader. The hero's character and personality really come alive, and all but the hardest-hearted will have trouble not arriving at a situation of deeply felt empathy and understanding of the motive and rationale behind his crimes. If ever one wondered how the innocent become beguiled by the clever conniving of a psychopath (a la Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs) this is the book to demonstrate the proof. As confessional novels go, it is without doubt one of the best I've ever read, certainly the best book I've come across this year. Reminiscent of the late John Kennedy Toole's classic A Confederacy of Dunces.' (Amazon customer review)

'Crime takes a journey into the mind of Daniel Adamson, currently penning his life story at Her Majesty's pleasure. An intellectual snob, he has more chance of sleeping with Jane Austen than of release.' (The Mirror, London)

'As the memorable title suggests, a sharp sense of humour is at work. The narration is verbally agile, and the jokes are there to ease the tension...' (Carol Anderson, The Herald)

'Comparisons with Patrick Suskind's Perfume spring immediately to mind when confronted with David Aitken's audacious narrative about a man obsessed with women's ears. The hero's frequently laugh-out-loud deathly black humour and literary ramblings enable the author to deliver a darkly amusing tale of a rather amicable lunatic.' (Catherine Bromley)

'His first encounter is in the back row of the cinema and he takes it from there. Not everyone understands his fetish and most women have to draw the line somewhere. But not our hero...' (The Good Book Guide)

'Best of all is Inspector Angus Macbriar, a detective who, unlike Holmes, Poirot and the rest, has no eccentricities, foibles or quirks whatsoever.' (The Hampstead and Highgate Express)

'The confessions of an appalling but at the same time engaging fictional killer intent on proving that everything from society to the ozone layer and his own DNA have conspired to make him what he is and are therefore collectively responsible for whatever crimes he has committed. Laced with a pulsating vein of black humour.' (Helen Brown, Dundee Courier)

'When Daniel Adamson meets his young wet-behind-the-ears psychiatrist in prison, she subjects him to an inkblot test. He sees only ears.' (Ellen Pontikis, The Cyprus Weekly)

An Amazon Kindle book. £2.05 / $2.99

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