New Novel by David Aitken Brings Retired Private Eye Back to Work

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A Dundee Detective introduces us to Scott Learmont, whose quest for a missing Chinese girl leads to murky waters of blackmail and murder by the silvery River Tay. But he also gets to meet Evita Wong...

The launch of A Dundee Detective is David Aitken's second novel after his much acclaimed Sleeping with Jane Austen, which the London Times called 'a funny-serious book' and Scotland Online referred to as 'an ambitious novel brilliantly realised.'
A Dundee Detective is now available on Amazon in Kindle format, and the very first customer reviewer wrote of it: 'Shades of Ray. The laconic and well-written style reminded me of some of the great American crime writers like Chandler.' The hero of the novel is Scott Learmont, recruited by British Intelligence while a postgraduate student of Mandarin Chinese and Classical Arabic, 'two of the world's most impenetrable languages.' In the course of his career he has saved the life of the Chief Executive of Hong Kong and foiled an assassination attempt on a British Prime Minister.

Now Learmont has returned to his native Scotland and hung up a shingle as a private eye. The novel opens with a northbound train surging out of low hills as the rising sun collides with the high girders of a railway bridge. In the First Class compartment are an elderly Chinese man, Cliff Kwan and his nephew Ringo. They have travelled to Britain because one of Cliff's nieces, a student at a local university, has gone missing. Cliff seeks out Learmont and asks him to find his niece. Although a 'half-hearted' detective at best, Learmont agrees. He has just paid a quarter of a million for a house, his tailor requires payment and bullet holes don't mend themselves.

In the course of the ensuing investigation, Learmont uncovers drug racketeering, sexual manipulation, blackmail and finally murder. All of this against a background of his own developing relationships with two very different women, slinky Oriental beauty Evita Wong and local estate agent Helen Branken. And in the context of a city that has seen better days: 'The new town was only half built, the old town was only half demolished. It wasn't so much urban renewal as urban thalidomide.'

With a lot of help from his friends, Learmont triumphs over those who wish him harm. Cliff Kwan departs on a southbound train. Look out, you Moriartys, there's an old kid on the block.

A Dundee Detective is now an Amazon Kindle book. £2.05 / $2.99

David Aitken is a 66-year old Scotsman from Dundee and a graduate of St Andrews University. His first novel, Sleeping with Jane Austen, was short-listed for the first-ever Dundee Book Prize and published by No Exit Press in the UK and by Four Walls Eight Windows in the USA. ('As the memorable title suggests, a sharp sense of humour is at work,' wrote Carol Anderson in The Herald. 'The narration is verbally agile, and the jokes are there to ease the tension...')
Sleeping with Jane Austen is also available as an Amazon Kindle book. £2.05 / $2.99

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