Mind Movies Co-Founder Natalie Ledwell Interviews Psychotherapist Dr. Ray Blanchard About Finding Passion As A Way To Conquer Procrastination

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Mind Movies Co-Founder Natalie Ledwell Announced Today the Release of a Brand New Episode of Her Weekly Web Series, The Inspiration Show. In This Episode, Ledwell Talks To Transformational Leader And Former Psychotherapist Dr. Ray Blanchard.

Law of Attraction
People are so focused on what they want in life but, if they stop for a moment and go inside themselves and ask what does their heart yearn for, that is the beginning of discovery of what their life is all about.

Law of Attraction guru and Mind Movies co-founder Natalie Ledwell announced today the release of a new episode of her weekly web series, The Inspiration Show. The short video interview features Dr. Ray Blanchard and Ledwell discussing using Law of Attraction techniques to manifest what the heart yearns for.

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Speaking with Ledwell, Dr. Blanchard shares that to manifest the life one wants, individuals need to go inside themselves and identify what their passion is. The first step is to meditate by “getting quiet and listening inside.” Blanchard explains that “people are so focused on what they want in life but, if they stop for a moment and go inside themselves and ask what does their heart yearn for, that is the beginning of discovery of what their life is all about.”

Dr. Blanchard believes that if an individual finds what they are passionate about, Law of Attraction techniques will kick in. He says that, “once you follow your passion, you begin to connect with people who have other parts of the puzzle that you could not have thought of on your own.”

Ledwell discusses how many have a hard time achieving goals due to procrastination. Dr. Blanchard suggests, charting a course, dividing it into smaller steps and then take one step in sequence. Once the first step is completed, Dr. Blanchard thinks that it is easier to become motivated to keep going.

Dr. Blanchard believes that most people are looking for external motivation because they haven’t found what moves them inside but “if you get into deeper yearnings, you are motivated internally.”    

Dr. Blanchard also cautions that limiting beliefs can get in the way of achieving goals. He shares how growing up poor as a young black man in rural Missouri, he didn’t believe he could be successful. Through positive affirmations and changing his self talk, he was able to achieve academic success, earning his PhD.

He thinks that most people don’t have a clue that they have limiting beliefs because “they just go along with whatever they have going on with their thoughts and they take that as normal.”

Dr. Blanchard believes that individuals who are striving for a goal are more aware of the negative chatter. He says that once individuals become aware that there's a separation between what their negative self talk says and who they authentically are, they can move away from their history and manifest their best life.

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