Yumi Media Urges College Students To Try Quorn Products as Part of an Easy Vegetarian Diet

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In response to an article published by the Drew University Acorn, which discusses how keeping a vegetarian diet can be hard in college, Yumi Media suggests college students try Quorn’s easy vegetarian meals.

On February 21, Yumi Media issues a statement in response to an article published in Drew University's campus newspaper, discussing how hard it is to stick to a vegetarian diet in college. Yumi recommends meat-substitute products like Quorn as easy-to-prepare options for students looking to improve their diet.

An article published by the Drew University Acorn says that keeping off the “freshman 15” can be hard – there's barely time in between classes to prepare a healthy meal, and colleges don’t usually have a wide variety of vegetarian options. In the article, Kayla Webster, a freshman at Drew University, said, “The vegan options are so limited and repetitive that it’s unlikely for there to be a significant availability of nutrients in the one meal offered a day.”

The article reports that while the University displays ingredients for most entrees and side dishes, the ingredients in the desserts are never posted. “I can never be sure if it’s safe for me to eat,” Webster said in the article.

Students at the University also said they are unsatisfied with the quality of the meals. In the article, Webster said she recognized left over vegan meals from earlier in the week mixed together on other days.

Vegetarian advocacy website Yumi Media responds, saying that it's unfortunate that living on campus in college limits food options. When students are stuck on campus, they are confined to eating the cafeteria-style food cooked by the University, says Yumi Media. Though it might not be that bad for meat eaters, and university fare has been improving over the years, vegetarians and vegans usually still have a harder time finding things they can eat. Yumi recommends Quorn producs for students that need a quick meal, since they are completely vegetarian and low calorie.

Quorn products taste great and they have a variety of burgers, pasta, chicken nuggets and other meatless meals that can be cooked in a matter of minutes. Instead of relying on the cafeteria, vegetarian students can be sure that they are getting a healthy, tasty meal that can safely serve as a nutritional substitute for meat,” says a Yumi representative.

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