Joshua Fink, Outdoor Enthusiast, Speaks on Nature Therapy Processes

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A new article describes the process of nature therapy, where psychotherapists use nature to help in their work with their clients. Outdoor enthusiast Joshua Fink comments on this new type of treatment.

A new article released by the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel describes the process of nature therapy, where psychotherapists rely on the natural world to help their clients attain healing. Eco-psychology, a relatively new field, is becoming increasingly popular as research supporting the psychological benefits of interaction with nature continues to develop. Joshua Fink, outdoor enthusiast, believes in the importance of this new type of psychology.

The article explains that eco-therapists assign homework to clients, and use nature-based rituals, symbols and ceremonies as part of the healing process. Much of their information relies upon ancient knowledge provided by civilization’s earliest form of mental healers. These individuals understood that nature had the ability to promote emotional healing, and they used it to help troubled citizens.

Modern eco-therapists rely on behavioral science to confirm the beliefs held by ancient civilizations. Nature is able to provide comfort and enlightenment to those in need. An example of applied nature therapy involves encouraging patients to head to a “healing space” in the natural world. It is spot that provides beauty and mystery. This space differs from person to person. For some it is a waterfall, while to others it may be a woodland stream.

These healing spaces work to address emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs. People may go there to think about important decisions, release toxic feelings (such as resentment) and quiet their mind as they nurture their creativity, release their worries, and gain greater perspective.

Joshua Fink states, “Nature provides a range of benefits. From giving an individual a chance to exercise, spend time with loved ones, and find peace, there is no limit to the offerings that can be found when the choice is made to venture outdoors. The outside world played a major role in my life, and was always a way for me to relax after a busy day.”

A healing space in nature, whether real or imagined, is able to help an individual heal, grow, and find clarity. There are instances in history of spiritual and political leaders venturing into nature when they needed enlightenment.

Joshua Fink adds to this thought, “It’s hard to continue to feel overwhelmed or worried with the burdens of the 21st century world when you’re quietly sitting in the forest near a stream. You no longer have to worry about responding to dozens of e-mails or returning text messages. It’s a time for peace and relaxation, and that’s what many people crave in a busy society.”


Joshua Fink is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys spending his time snowshoeing, canoeing, hiking, and fishing. His adult children share his passion, and frequently join their father on these expeditions. In his youth, Joshua Fink successfully scaled peaks like Mt. Everest and Kilimanjaro.

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