Executive Travel Directors Announces 7 Ways to Avoid the Flu on Business

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On-The-Go Tips For Staying Healthy While Traveling During Flu Season

The norovirus and influenza virus are still rampant as flu season continues.

As clean as a business program or meeting can appear on the surface, this year’s pesky norovirus (highly contagious stomach illness) and influenza virus are still rampant as flu season continues. It may seem as if these illnesses are inescapable when thousands of people are traveling from different germ-ridden environments to one confined meeting destination. Nonetheless, Executive Travel Directors (ETD) has put together some great health-saving tips to keep you flu-free during your business adventures:

1. Get the flu shot.

Getting a flu shot before you hit the road has never been more painless and hassle-free. Most pharmacies are fully stocked with the flu vaccination and are using a 90% thinner needle for injection. Walk over to the local CVS or Walgreens on a lunch break or commute home from work a week before your trip (allowing the vaccination time to activate). A pharmacist will quickly administer the vaccine onsite, and the cost is covered by many insurance carriers. CVS even offers a 20% coupon that can be used on most items in the store to those who get the shot.

2. Give your immune system a boost.

While most doctors would recommend loading up on fresh fruits and vegetables, eating well on the go is not always the easiest. Luckily, immunity boosters like EmergenC and Airbourne offer vitamin packs that can be chewed or mixed with a beverage. Make sure to load up on these essential nutrients before, during, and after traveling to your business destination.

3. Hit the hotel gym.

According to Fitday.com, moderate exercise strengthens the immune system as it increases blood and oxygen flow in the body. Try to utilize your business or meeting destination’s fitness center for a little cardio before you start your day.

4. Get some rest.

While 8 hours of sleep may not be attainable when on a business trip, try your best to get some rest. Whether it means sleeping a few extra hours before and after leaving for a program, or participating in a few less post-meeting festivities, getting enough sleep will keep you from becoming ill.

5. Don’t touch your face.

As the day wears on and meeting content begins to drone, it may be second nature to lean your head in your palm or rub your eyes to stay alert. Refrain! Your face is full of openings that make it easy for viruses to enter the body.

6. Wash and sanitize your hands.

When traveling and meeting new people there is plenty of handshaking to be done. This is obviously an unavoidable and simple way to spread germs. Be sure to wash your hands or at least use some hand sanitizer whenever you can sneak away for a moment.

7. Stay hydrated.

Most meeting and conference rooms will have a pitcher or bottles of water. Take advantage and drink up. There is no better way to stay healthy than staying hydrated. Don’t forget to drink water while traveling either. Ask for a cup of water in addition to your complimentary in-flight beverage.

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