Digititles.com Presents the Most Notorious Mistakes and Continuity Errors Found in the 2013 Best Picture Oscar Nominees

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Behind the scenes movie site Digititles.com ranks mistakes and continuity errors from this year's best picture nominees.

With the Oscars just a few days away Digititles.com is presenting its picks for most glaring errors among this year’s nine Best Motion Picture nominees. Out of 210 mistakes spotted by viewers, Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained led the pack with 54, followed closely by Ben Affleck’s CIA thriller ARGO with 44 known errors. Only German director Michael Haneke, famous for his attention to detail, managed to keep his romantic drama Amour mistake-free.

Digititles.com highlights some of the mistakes from this year’s Best Motion Picture nominees:

*Django Unchained

  •     Dynamite was not invented until 1867, while this film features it on several occasions and is set in 1858.
  •     Calvin Candie compares a slave to a teddy bear, even though teddy bears were not yet invented until the time when Theodore Roosevelt was president, hence the name "teddy".
  •     In the saloon you find a beer tap, which was not invented until the early 20th century.
  •     In the movie Django wears sunglasses, which were introduced to the US in 1929.


  •     During the table read scene, the robot who speaks has blue LED's for eyes. Blue LEDs were not invented until 1993.
  •     Ben Affleck's character Tony Mendez wears a Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea (reference number 116660) watch that was first introduced in 2008.
  •     Near the end of the film when Mendez (Affleck) and O'Donnell (Cranston) meet up for the first time after the rescue mission is successful, Mendez salutes O'Donnell but he salutes with his left hand.


  •     Many scenes include modern 50-star flags. They should have 25 or 36 stars.
  •     The U.S. Capitol dome is shown as being gray in color, when, in fact, it has always been completely white since its completion in 1863.
  •     Two Connecticut Congressmen vote against the 13th Amendment during the movie, however, all four Connecticut Congressman actually supported and voted in favor of the Amendment in 1865.

*Les Misérables

  •     When Jean Valjean is confessing to Marius, a wardrobe in the bedroom appears and disappears behind Marius.
  •     Anne Hathaway's earpiece, that was used to accompany the live singing, is visible in her right ear during the song "At the End of the Day".

*Silver Linings Playbook

  •     Based on the Eagles' games mentioned in the film, it takes place in 2008. However, a fan can be seen wearing a Nnamdi Asomugha jersey, who didn't join the team until 2011.
  •     When Pat and Tiffany are waltzing, a cameraman's legs are clearly visible for a couple of seconds between them.

*Zero Dark Thirty

  •     When Joseph Bradley watches the bombing of the London bus, on the computer screen on the desktop you see the Google Chrome icon, when in fact Google Chrome wasn't available until 2008.
  •     When they are chasing the messenger down in the streets of 'Pakistan', there is a wide view of the street and you can clearly see an Indian flag flying in the background.
  •     When the CIA agent asks help from his Kuwaiti asset in Kuwait city, the setting is in a bar, with girls dancing and drinks in hand. Alcohol is still strictly forbidden and there are no bars or dance clubs in Kuwait.
  •     Pakistanis speak Urdu, English, and other regional languages, not Arabic.

*Life Of Pi

  •     When the camera zooms out after the flying fish have gone, the raft is not anywhere to be seen. However, in the next scene, it is still connected to the boat.
  •     When Pi is telling the fake story, you can see the camera reflected in his eyes.
  •     When the (CG) tiger jumps back on the lifeboat when leaving the island, there is no movement on the canvas to indicate weight yet a moment later the boy steps on same canvas which then flexes.

*Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012)

  •     When Hushpuppy places the Michael Jordan jersey on her sleeping father the shot is reversed - the number 23 is backwards.

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