How Top Celebrities Including Justin Bieber Use Fake Followers To Dominate Their Social Networks

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Fans spend over $25k every week promoting their favorite stars online, leading to an astonishing 17% of of all Celebrity followers to come from totally fictional accounts.

Justin Bieber with 17% fictional fans

Justin Bieber with 17% fictional fans

Top Celebs including Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and even the Kardashians have in excess of 17% fake followers.

Ever wonder why or how, big time celebrities use services to increase their social networking profiles? Having a large amount of followers isn't just to have a large audience, but to stay ahead of the competition. We have recently had an incredible amount of hardcore Justin Bieber fans come to our site to buy followers for his account. So many fans want to see him as the most popular profile on Instagram, that we ended up having to start declining people because all of the followers we have access to, are already following him. By the end, we had to issue hundreds of refunds to Justin Bieber fans from all over the world because we just couldn't keep up with the amount of fake followers people wanted to buy him. The total amount of money spent with us on Justin Bieber's account alone is over $25,000 with over 165,000 follower sent from us.

It's incredible how many people have been doing this for their celebrities. We have been in operation for over a year and have had an extreme amount of famous clients use our services. We have been discrete because our clients like to keep these types of transactions a secret, and that is not a problem with us. Although there are certain celebrities that we have not had the pleasure of doing business with, such as Kim Kardashian, we know that a majority amount of her followers are fake and have been purchased. Our statistics show that on average, 17% of all followers are fake on celebrity profiles. Justin Bieber has a much higher percentage though, because of his hardcore fan base. We ultimately cannot accept any more requests for Justin Bieber's account.

Some other great examples of highly popular celebrities that use fake followers on Instagram would be Rihanna, Taylow Swift, Chris brown, Snoop Dogg, and so many others. Being popular means more attention, social dominance, and proof of being awesome. It's no wonder why all these celebrities keep buying fake followers. A lot of people might think that its cheating, but it really isn't because almost all celebrities do it to keep on top of their social circles and the methods of getting these followers is allowed by Instagram, so because of this reason, it cannot be considered to be cheating of any kind. You can trust us to provide you the amount of followers and likes your heart desires without any risks. With our guarantee, experience, and private policy, we can make sure you have the followers and likes you need without anyone else finding out you purchased them. If you want to have multiple followers join through a longer period of time to make it seem less suspicious, we can deliver it. If you have any special requests, contact us as soon as possible so we can work with you.

Getting followers has never been so easy! So many teens are using our website to buy fake followers all the time. It's simple and easy, to buy Instagram followers just go to the website, purchase a package, and within minutes start seeing real accounts start to follow and like your images. If you have never done anything like buy social networking help, it's not a problem, and it's risk free. We offer a 28 day money back guarantee that will prove we can provide excellent results. By having real accounts at our disposal, we can bump anyone's account up to where they want it to be.

Our company takes pride in being able to provide quality and reliable services. We understand why having a greater following or having more Instagram likes is important to you and can help you reach your Instagram goals. When other people look at your profile they will automatically have more respect for you if you show them that other people follow and like your images. Having a larger following also will also lead to even more people joining you due to the referrals you will receive. Once you have hit a certain amount of followers, you will notice that you will start to be placed on the popular page, have a larger audience, and have a large influence to others around you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, simply visit our website at You will be able to get all the information you need, and also contact us further from there if you have any extra questions. You will not be disappointed with what you find, even the option to buy instagram likes is available. Your social networking life is about to change

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