Former Navy SEAL, “SEALDAD”, Gives Unique Perspective on Parenting

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Respected Former Navy SEAL and Instructor Shows The Human Side of Elite Soldiers In Touching Parenting Guide.

SEAL’s are always a team, always caring for and looking out for one another. Families are teams as well, and for children, this is an invaluable teaching

Everyone knows that Navy SEAL training is one of the toughest training regiments in the world. We also know that it produces some of the best combat ready soldiers on the planet. What is missing in our perception of Navy SEAL’s is their intriguing inner make up. They live within a moral code of integrity, selflessness and humble anonymity. They risk their lives for others; they live to honor their team, their brotherhood and their country.

Within these warriors lies a set of values and morals that are pivotal not only for those in combat, but for all of us. Especially useful is how these values can be of benefit to today’s youth. This is exactly what the new eBook series, "Things I Teach My Kids, That I Learned In The SEAL Teams",, focuses on.

In the first volume, 3 unique subjects are covered:

  •      Swim Buddy: This covers the importance of having a “purpose beyond self”. In training, the first lesson is to never be without your Swim Buddy. SEAL’s are always a Team, always caring for and looking out for one another. Families are teams as well, and for children, this is an invaluable teaching to show them the importance and benefit of being a team player.
  •      Don’t Be Late: Being punctual is absolutely necessary to Navy SEALs, being late is simply not an option. Time is synchronized before a mission begins and is carried out to the second. In life, it’s about being dependable, about being a person of your word. SEALDAD relates fun, simple and effective ways to instill a responsible sense of time to children.
  •      Mind Over Matter: What are our limits? Many of the beliefs about what is possible is taught to us as children. At a young age children can be taught the powers of their own mind and how to consciously regulate their reactions to discomfort. As they move into adulthood, they, like Navy SEAL’s will be able to achieve what others only dream of.

After spending nearly 20 years working with Special Operators as an active duty Navy SEAL, SEAL Instructor and a Civilian Independent Contractor, SEALDAD noticed that, although the men he worked with came from completely different backgrounds, they shared a common set of values, character traits and were genuinely good people. They were, for the most part, not the Rambo type characters portrayed in the movies, but regular guys with extraordinary drive, dedication, dependability and an uncommon ability to succeed at anything they set their minds on.

Noticing the declining character of young people in today's society, and being a father himself; SEALDAD set out to identify some of the character traits of a Navy SEAL, that he believes make up the foundation of a good, solid person who becomes a welcomed asset to everyone he or she is around. He relates stories from lessons learned in the SEAL Teams to his unconventional parenting methods. His writing reveals a raw and honest look into a SEAL's personal relationship with his own children and the methods he uses to shape their character.

You can pick up your copy of "Things I Teach My Kids, That I Learned In The SEAL Teams, Volume 1" on Amazon today here at

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