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Coconut Oil UK is a unique website that delivers a health and well-being blog, quality cold-pressed Virgin Organic coconut oil, and delicious recipes on how to cook with Virgin Organic Coconut Oil. For a limited time every order of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil comes free with a book containing valuable information on the health benefits of coconut oil.

Swishing oil in the mouth for 15 to 20 minutes may not sound as it would do much for the health, but this method has long been used throughout Ayurvedic medicine to promote longevity and wellbeing. To take control of our health is to take note of the foods we eat, the products we use on our skin, and the methods we use to stay strong in both mind and body.

Oil pulling with Virgin Organic Coconut Oil is one of the best ways to keep the teeth strong, prevent gum disease, and to remove all bacteria and toxins that can be re-ingested into the body, where they can create long term problems and set the stage for an accumulation of diseases to manifest. Oil pulling provides an array of health benefits, including reducing brain fogginess, strengthening and whitening teeth, removing mucus, improving sleep, reducing headaches, removing toxins, improving energy, healing halitosis and so much more.

Why is coconut oil the preferred flavour for oil pulling? Buying a jar of Virgin Organic Coconut Oil is one of the best ways to protect the body from immune destroying pathogenic organisms. This is in part due to the unique medium chain fatty acid structure, which contains 50 percent lauric acid—a potent anti bacterial and anti-microbial fatty acid), which is transported into monolaurin in the body. When Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is pulled and swished in the mouth, it removes the harmful bacteria Streptococcus, which is the leading cause of gum disease and plaque buildup. Unfortunately, brushing the teeth and eating sugar free foods is not enough to prevent the buildup of plaque.

Over ten thousand studies on coconut oil and it's health benefits have determined that the coconut is one of the healthiest, most nutritionally dense foods in the world today.

Coconut Oil UK sells a brand of Virgin Organic Coconut Oil that is cold-pressed, free of chemicals and genetically modified ingredients, free of bleach and is not deodorised leaving it's natural flavour and fragrance, and is completely natural, preserving it's natural anti-bacteria and health preserving benefits, whether it is applied to the skin, used for oil pulling, or used in cooking.

Copra Coconut Oil creates its oil through drying the coconut flesh. It is a cheaper variety of coconut oil, but it provides no health benefits like that of Virgin Organic Coconut Oil. The white coconut flesh is removed and then dried over a fire where it then turns grey. This rancid coconut meat is taken in bulk to a mill where the flesh is crushed. Bleaching chemicals are added to the oil to remove any rancid odour, and also to clean and preserve the oil.

The quality of Virgin Organic Coconut Oil is determined by the price and natural fragrance. Many Coconut Oil manufacturers realise that quality is key, and Organic Coconut Oil is in demand. Coconut Oil UK Virgin Organic Coconut Oil has a shelf life of two years, is one of the world’s healthiest oils to fry with, and melts deliciously into skin scrubs, balms, and moisturisers.

About Coconut Oil UK:

Founded in 2006, Coconut Oil UK has been selling Virgin Organic Coconut Oil for seven years. The company offers a free book and free delivery with every order, and buying in bulk offers the highest discount.


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