Announces the New ZeroG™ 4.0 Immersion Seating™ Massage Chair from Human Touch

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Massage Chair Relief now carries the Immersion Seating line of massage chairs by Human Touch, the ZeroG 4.0 being the flagship, feature-rich chair for this line.

This month, announces that they now have the latest innovation from the Human Touch group, the ZeroG™ 4.0 Immersion Seating™ massage chair, available for purchase via their website.

Human Touch reports that the ZeroG™ 4.0 Immersion Seating™ massage chair combines the popular features of the ZeroG™ 2.0 and the WholeBody® 2.0 chairs together with some exciting, new innovative features designed to make the massage experience as human-like as possible. The price increase of the ZeroG™ 4.0 when compared to the ZeroG™ 2.0 and WholeBody® 2.0 is somewhat considerable, so do the features of Human Touch’s new chair warrant the extra investment?

The Immersion Seating™ Range

All three chairs in the Immersion Seating™ range deliver a modernistic, sleek aesthetic and all adhere to the same design that makes the range stand out in any massage chair showroom. If you are looking for a massage chair without a futuristic edge, the Immersion Seating™ range is not for you; these chairs cleverly obscure their innovations, of which there are many, particularly in the ZeroG™ 4.0.

The ZeroG™ 4.0 doesn’t take up a lot of space; in fact some would say that the ZeroG™ 4.0 doesn’t look like a massage chair at all. But with one push of a button, the massage chair can swing a person to the perfect ergonomic position also know as Zero™. The Zero™ position places a user in a neutral-posture position that relieves pressure on the spine and therefore makes for a deeper, much more effective massage experience. All of the chairs in the Immersion Seating™ range can move to the Zero™ position, but only the ZeroG™ 4.0 can do it in one-step, with the simple push of a button.

BodyMap PRO

One of the most innovative and user-friendly features of the ZeroG™ 4.0 is the BodyMap PRO. By simply pointing to a part of the body on the BodyMap PRO’s body image that ails the user, the chair will deliver the appropriate solution and focus its technology to deliver relief to the targeted muscles. No more navigating overwhelming control panels or studying user manuals, the ZeroG™ 4.0 is the “point and shoot” of massage chairs.

The smart 3D massage engine is the heart of the ZeroG™ 4.0. The 3D massage engine delivers an immersive massage experience that wraps around sore shoulders and lumbar areas, providing maximum relief and benefit. All three intensity settings of the smart 3D massage engine are easily accessible via the intuitive “Immersion Director,” the control panel for the chair.

Also accessible via the Immersion Director control panel, are the full calf and foot massage functions. The fully retractable leg rest of the ZeroG™ 4.0 can both massage and vibrate the lower body to cater for those looking for an all-over massage. Utilizing Figure-Eight® technology, the chair will massage around the lower leg in a circular motion, improving circulation and giving a realistic and soothing massage experience to hard working legs and feet.

Arresting Design

Human Touch® has successfully created a fully loaded massage chair that will not look overbearing in any home or office and tastefully hides all of its features inside a sleek leather-like material. If an easy-to-use massage chair with features that rival if not exceed the competition is the goal, the ZeroG™ 4.0 may well be the chair of choice.

To find out more about the ZeroG™ 4.0 Immersion Seating™ chair from Human Touch, contact Dr. Alan Weidner, founder and CEO of personally, by calling 801-417-8240 or visiting

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