With two thirds of the UK overweight, is it any wonder that 16 million UK citizens have high blood pressure says Hypnotension

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The latest figures from The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges shows that two thirds of adults are obese or overweight (BMI over 25).

Lower high blood pressure naturally

Lower high blood pressure naturally

Although the we deal with all of the lifestyle factors that affect blood pressure, weight is often a major factor in reducing blood pressure

Add to this the fact that obesity related illness costs the NHS £5.1 billion per year and the scale of the problem starts to become apparent.

The report does not blame at any one individual or body. Instead it says that we all have a responsibility to tackle the problem urgently through collective action.

The report describes the problem as “the greatest public health crisis facing the UK.” One of the consequences is heart disease and the report states that people are dying needlessly from avoidable diseases.

High blood pressure (Hypertension), a major cause of heart disease, affecting an estimated 30% of the population. That’s a staggering 16,000,000 people in the UK alone. Over 90% of which is primary hypertension, which has no known medical cause. However, we do know that being overweight is a significant factor in primary high blood pressure.

Paul Howard, co-founder of ‘Hypnotension’ says, “Although the we deal with all of the lifestyle factors that affect blood pressure, weight is often a major factor in reducing blood pressure. In the main, our Hypnotension practitioners have to tackle weight control for most clients.”

“The advantage of the Hypnotension approach is that it can deal with the lifestyle and emotional factors which contribute to high blood pressure, which makes it easier for people to take back control and stay motivated so the lifestyle changes stick.”

His colleague and co-founder, Rob Woodgate, adds, “Everyone with primary hypertension can do something to help themselves reduce high blood pressure naturally, whether it’s losing a few pounds, reducing their salt intake, making time for relaxation or adding some more exercise - such as walking.”

Research confirms that changes in lifestyle can have a big impact on high blood pressure. A study in 2004 showed within 12 weeks of making lifestyle changes, more than 60% of those with high blood pressure met their blood pressure goals, without the use of medication.

The Hypnotension programme is an interesting, simple and natural approach to lower blood pressure that works alongside conventional medical treatment to offer hypertension suffers a chance to take control of the lifestyle factors affecting their blood pressure

The Hypnotension programme is delivered by a large network of qualified practitioners in the UK and it is growing rapidly around the globe. To find their nearest Certified Hypnotension Practitioner, members of the public may simply enter their postcode on the Hypnotension website.

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