Quorn Foods Responds to Von Miller’s Nutritional Diet

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Following an article which reports on what NFL linebacker Von Miller eats to fuel up for a game, Quorn Foods responds to his nutritional choices.

On February 22, 2013, Quorn Foods responds to an article published on the Denver Broncos website which discusses NFL linebacker Von Miller’s nutritional pre-game meal.

“Guys are always looking for the edge to get faster, stronger to stay at a high level and perform at a high level,” Miller said in a recent article on the Denver Broncos website. “The edge for me is always nutrition… You really have to take the time to stay hydrated and refuel your body.”

Miller goes on to state that nutritionally prepping for a game isn’t simply a week-long process leading up to Sunday. In fact, Miller said that he has to be nutritionally responsible during the off-season as well, in order to prepare his body for the long, grueling grind of an NFL season.

As far as a pre-game meal, Miller states in the article that he usually has a cup of noodles. This way he has something to keep his stomach from growling during the time he spends on the field.

While Miller is lucky enough to have a team nutritionist to provide him with proper nutrition, many of us may need help with our nutrition. Quorn Foods representative David Wilson explains that it is not difficult to have a nutritionally balanced diet and still remain athletic; you just have to know what you’re eating. Foods that are high in protein are important for recovery following a workout, while foods with a lot of carbohydrates are energizing pre-exercise.

“Even if you’re a vegetarian, there are still plenty of meatless meals available that are high in protein and can help you get in great shape,” Wilson said. “In fact, it’s extremely beneficial to cut meat out of your diet on a regular bias. By enjoying meatless options, you’ll get your necessary protein while staying healthy.”

Quorn Foods launched nationally in the US in 2002. Unlike other vegetarian food companies, Quorn foods use mycoprotein: a naturally occurring, healthy form of protein that replicates the taste and texture of meat while being significantly lower in saturated fats and calories. Quorn Foods offer a wide range of products including ready to serve meals, food for your barbecue, breaded meat substitutes, snacks and components to make your own meals from scratch. The wonderful taste of Quorn meatless meals provides the taste of the foods you love without sacrificing nutrition.


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