Dr. Rafik Benaissa Calls Mr. Jacques Lamarre’s Statements a "Disgrace"

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Following statements from Mr. Jacques Lamarre, published in CBC News on February 22, 2013, mentioning “SNC Lavalin having been abused by Riadh Ben Aissa”, Dr. Rafik Benaissa calls such statements “absurd and a disgrace.”

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Following statements from Mr. Jacques Lamarre, published in CBC News on February 22 2013, mentioning “SNC Lavalin having been abused by Riadh Benaissa”, Dr. Rafik Benaissa calls such statements “absurd and a disgrace.”

“We reiterate that my brother did everything with the blessing of the SNC Lavalin Board of trustees. SNC Lavalin continues to use my brother as a scapegoat in its past dealings with North African regimes. As an employee, you cannot move sums in excess of 200 million dollars without everyone at the board of trustees knowing about it. It’s just plain common sense,” says Dr. Rafik Benaissa.

“Not only the SNC Lavalin’s board of trustees funded, encouraged, and supported my brother’s business ventures in Libya and Algeria, but over 27 years of employment they had created a whole department dedicated to Libya with its own lawyers and support staff,” adds Dr. Rafik Benaissa.

“As mentioned in our legal actions (Montreal Superior Court file 500-1707-4573-125), all the money wired was never hidden. These were visible transactions that were approved by the Board of Trustees. Every member of SNC Lavalin’s Board of trustees knew precisely where the money was going to. SNC Lavalin’s recent dismissal of several members of the Board of trustees asked to "retire" speaks for itself. But the most shocking aspect of the whole story is that over decades, these transactions were even blessed and certified by the financial auditing companies contracted by SNC Lavalin,” says Tunisia-based law Professor Hatem Kourda.

“Before the revolution started in Libya in February 2011 and because of my brother’s miracle achievements in that country, rumors had it that the Kaddafi regime was to even offer large territories for oil exploration to SNC Lavalin. Members of the Board of trustees had dollar signs in their eyes as Libya had become a gold mine for the company. SNC Lavalin Board of trustee’s fatal mistake was to never foresee that the Kaddafi’s regime would one day collapse. In their mind, that regime was there to stay with Saif Kaddafi taking over from Mouaamar Kadhafi for another half a century of gold flowing to SNC Lavalin. But when the Kadhafi regime fell, they promptly planned on using my brother as a scapegoat to protect their interests and their reputation, using the 'science fiction level' story of Saadi Kadhafi’s smuggling attempt to Mexico. Suddenly my brother became the man with close ties to the Kaddafi regime. The truth of the matter is that the whole SNC Lavalin had close ties with the Mouaamar Kaddafi's regime which was seen at that time as a major opportunity, especially in the embargo era. At the end of the day, my brother was just the exhausted and abused person to sacrifice in order to deter world’s attention from a relationship SNC Lavalin decided was shameful the day Tripoli fell,” concludes Dr. Rafik Benaissa.

“We are not surprised by Mr. Jacques Lamarre’s hateful statements. We allege a bizarre coordination between Swiss Federal Prosecutor Mr. Michael Lauber and SNC Lavalin in making Riadh Ben Aissa an international scapegoat and detaining him in confinement in Switzerland (Case number 78659/12). We maintain our allegations of Riadh Ben Aissa being detained and tortured in confinement in a Swiss prison (Case number 78659/12). We will fight this political, regime changes kind of justice and our legal procedures in Canada, with the Swiss Department of Justice, and with the European Court of Human Rights will go on until real justice is served.” adds Attorney Hatem Kourda.

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