Jujuba Software Introduces IP Address Modern UI App for Windows 8

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Identifying an IP address can be troublesome and time consuming when the information for troubleshooting and other tasks is needed. Jujuba Software has taken the guesswork out of tracking down an IP address with a new Modern UI app for Windows 8.

Jujuba Software recently introduced a new app which helps Windows 8 users to easily manage and keep track of an IP address regardless if a device is connected to an IPv4 or IPv6 network. Windows 8 IP Address prevents users from having to waste time trying to identify the IP address for any device which is connected to a network or the Internet.

IP stands for Internet Protocol and is a unique address which is assigned to a device on a network or when the device establishes Internet connectivity. An IP address is assigned to the device by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and is used to communicate with other devices over a network. The process works similar to sending a letter from one postal address to another except it is the IP address which identifies the specific device where the communication should be sent.

During the last decade, the Internet has grown in popularity, which means more devices are connecting to the Internet on a daily basis. As a result of traffic growth, IP addresses are in high demand which results in a short supply. The current IP addresses are known as IPv4 and exceed four billion. This number is quickly becoming depleted hence the reason IPv6 has been established to meet the demand for new IP addresses.
Windows 8 IP Address was recently released by Jujuba Software and is an app which helps to easily manage and keep track of a device IP address regardless if the connection is IPv4 or IPv6. Windows 8 IP Address saves time by taking the guesswork out of identifying the IP address for a specific device.

The app provides innovative tools which automatically keep track of an IP address using the Live Tile or the Lock Screen Badge. There are also additional customizations such as the IPv6 settings switch that allows turning off information that pertains to an IPv6 connection to make IPv4 data easier to view.

The Lock Screen Badge allows for easy view of both local and external IP addresses on the app screen. When the Internet connection changes to another IP address, the background color on the app changes to capture the user’s attention before it displays the new address.

Windows 8 IP Address also offers a Live Tile feature that displays IP address information directly from the Start screen in Windows 8. The tile will also automatically update to the current local IP address and Network Address Translation (NAT) external IP addresses. Windows 8 IP Address also displays the total number of network connections which are currently available in a current location.

Windows 8 IP Address is available in two languages which include English and Russian with a modest download size of 36 kilobytes. IP Address supports x86, x64, and ARM platforms.

All Jujuba Software Modern UI apps for Windows 8 are offered with easy access to expert technical support. The developers at Jujuba are interested in bringing the very best Modern UI apps to the market. We are always open to user feedback to help us make sure the new version of the app is always better than the current.

An app which removes the hassles of identifying the IP address: what a novel idea.

About Jujuba Software
Jujuba Software is a small and agile software company located in Redmond, WA. The company consists of two experienced software developers with strong entrepreneurial mindset working to find ways to simplify daily tasks for mobile users through the release of innovative Modern UI apps for Windows 8.

Jujuba Software is dedicated to providing top quality software solutions. The development team is constantly working on developing new product lines and improving existing ones. People on the development team have been creating software for a long time and pride themselves in creating products that push the boundaries of efficiency and reliability.

Check out our expanding line of software products at Jujuba Software or contact by writing an email to info (at) jujubasoftware (dot) com.

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