Relive Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Minute-by-Minute with Thamtech’s First of Its Kind Fully Synchronized Interactive Website-‘The First Men on the Moon’

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Thamtech, the trendsetter in website and software audio-visual synchronization recently announced the launch of it’s new amazing interactive website named ‘The First Men on the Moon’ ( This educational website has been designed to feature minute-by-minute description of the first lunar landing experienced by the spirited squad of Apollo 11 and Mission Control.

First Men on the Moon

The First Men on the Moon (, launched by Thamtech is an online educative website that very precisely features the Eagle lunar landing and also includes the original video footage of Apollo 11 spaceflight including the communication audio, conversations of the mission control room, text transcripts and telemetry data, all harmonized together to provide you with an extraordinary integrated audio-visual experience. This website is a remarkable masterpiece of invention as it is the only website that enables you to experience mankind’s most outstanding exploratory achievement in the most comprehensive style. This unique resource incorporates various informative content available on NASA websites and other public domain sources.

Once you log in to the website, you begin the audio-visual experience by hearing the words of Buzz Aldrin. At the same time, you can also view the moon through the lunar module window. This is followed by the words of capsule communicator Charlie Duke informing flight director Gene Kranz that the astronauts are on schedule to launch the descent engine. All the way through the presentation, you can customize your experience by jumping to key moments in the timeline that has been exceptionally designed to direct the visitors to the significant moments of the mission such as program alarms, famous Go No-Go polls in the control room, low fuel level milestones and landing.

The major highlight of the presentation is Neil Armstrong’s words, "The Eagle has Landed” that indicates a scientific landmark and the victorious implementation of John F. Kennedy's dream to land a man on the moon safe and sound. Prior to these legendary words uttered by Neil Armstrong, you can experience the synchronized audio communications, transcripts, video of the lunar module's casting a shadow on the lunar surface, and biomedical telemetry of Armstrong's heart rate surpassing 150 beats per minute. This giant leap by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on July 20, 1969 led the way to five more successful trips to the lunar surface in the following years. Thamtech also provides the visitors with a foretaste of the subsequent lunar trips, thus exhibiting mankind's enduring spirit for exploration.

The First Men on the Moon is the outcome of great work and patience from the Thamtech team and volunteers who have generously dedicated their valuable time and experience to transcribe speech into text. Simultaneous space and land based audio-video, transcripts, pictures, spacecraft telemetry, and biomedical data has been used to synchronize the overall presentation for demonstrating the Moon Shot as experienced by the astronauts as well as the flight controllers.

According to Tyler Ham, Thamtech CEO, “Moon landing is considered as one of the major historical accomplishments all across the globe. We have designed The First Men on the Moon with the prime objective of capturing the historical moments so that the present and upcoming generations may experience the events and identify the level of this significant mission. This educative and interactive website will act as an imperative resource for educating visitors so that they can develop an enthusiasm towards scientific exploration.”

About Thamtech, LLC:Thamtech is a web and software development business founded by Tyler Ham. Thamtech plans, builds and develops websites, online and mobile interactive, databases, API libraries and algorithms. For more information visit:

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