Nex Flow™ Air Products Corp Introduces The Nex Flow Air Edger™ Flat Jet Nozzle

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Comes In A Wide Range Of Output Force And Provides A Powerful Blow Off While Reducing Compressed Air

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Nex Flow™ Frigid-X™ Sub Zero Vortex™ Tool Cooling Mist System

The Nex Flow™ Air Edger™ Flat Jet Nozzle, provides a powerful force while reducing compressed air use for a variety of blow off applications. The unit is 2” wide and the gap is maintained by a shim. Changing or stacking various shim sizes allows you to set the force that you need for any particular application – from a light blow off to a powerful blow off force.

The Nex Flow™ Air Edger™ Flat Jet Nozzle is easy to mount and maintain, reducing both compressed air consumption and noise levels.

The Nex Flow™ Air Edger™ Flat Jet Nozzle works by producing a laminar flow of air along its 2” length using the “Coanda” effect which entrains a large volume of air from the surrounding area along with a small amount of compressed air from the Air Edger™ Flat Jet Nozzle itself to produce an amplified output flow. Made of cast zinc aluminum it is a rugged unit applicable for many applications. Units may be placed side by side to provide an efficient and strong blowing force over wide lengths.


  •     High Force and laminar flow to work at some distance from the target
  •     Quiet compared to other blow off products for the same force
  •     Low air consumption
  •     Meets OSHA pressure level requirements
  •     Lower noise levels
  •     Available in Zinc aluminum

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