As Winter Continues, Enjoy The Warmth and Beauty of Clean Burning Denatured Ethanol Moda Flame Fireplaces from

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Denatured ethanol as a heating source is unique. Offering an open flame in a controlled environment make them ideal for just about every contemporary environment. is pleased to offer the fine quality and innovative designs in portable fireplaces from Moda Flame. "Fire is a vital part of life", noted Susan Inderbinen President of, "Moda Flame has revolutionized the concept of a fireplace by creating free standing, table top, wall mounted fireplaces that can help heat ones home without the need for venting, gas lines or remodeling". These fireplaces were created to allow the beauty of real fire with no smoke, odor, ash or soot to clean up. Moda Flame engineers and product designers have refined the burner construction to achieve the highest level of fuel efficiencies with burners that outlast the competitions burn times by 60%. On average one quart of fuel should last 6-8 hours, and up to 18-29 hours at minimal opening. The CO2 emitted by burning a three-hour ethanol fire is about the same as burning two average candles. Ethanol fireplaces are not intended to be used as a primary heat source. Moda Flame fireplaces are designed for ambiance, just as one would expect for an open hearth fireplace. Moda flame fireplaces produce between 4500-6000 BTU of heat. Many of the accessories are made of a special ceramic and calcium silicate. Cleaning is easy with a soft cloth and some liquid stainless cleaner.

There are some ethanol fireplaces made specially for outdoor use. Floor standing or table models can be set on any flat surface, indoor or out. Avoid drafts and rain on a new Moda Flame fireplace, unless it is specifically rated for outdoor use. Even models that are mounted to the wall can be taken down and moved easily to a new home. All Moda Flame Fireplaces are easily installed and require no electrical or gas connections. These fireplaces are an efficient and effective heat source which produces real flames.

Bioethanol is a renewable energy source made by fermenting sugar and starch components of plant by-products, mainly sugarcane and grain, using yeast. It is also made from corn, potatoes, milk, rice, beet root, grapes, bananas and dates, depending on the country. Bioethanol has many uses, it can be blended to power engines, it is used in cosmetics, and it creates clean burning, beautiful dancing flames in these contemporary, stylish, well made fireplaces. Ethanol is 100% absolute alcohol, which cannot be sold in its purest form to avoid human consumption. Ethanol producers denature ethanol with various substances for reliable purposes, and it is then called Denatured Ethanol. Denatured Ethanol is completely composed of biological products that results in clean emissions. Denatured ethanol as a heating source is unique. Offering an open flame in a controlled environment make them ideal for just about every contemporary environment, from housing to restaurants and offices. Although it is an open fire, the designs ensure that nothing gets too close to the fire. The fireplace material never really gets too hot to touch, so there is no chance of getting scalded.

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As Winter Continues, enjoy the warmth and beauty of Moda Flame Denatured Ethanol Fireplaces from

"We really like the new Moda flame line of portable fireplaces. We got into the fireplace business when a customer we were working with on their lighting plan, inquired about a wall mounted fireplace for his bedroom. The result was a great addition to his home, and a new line of business for us. We have been very pleased with this category ever since. We have found that many of our customers enjoy the warm glow of the fireplaces, and get a lot of pleasure and relaxation from watching the real fire dance within them, often in areas where you would not ordinarily think of having a fireplace. We like the Moda Flame line because of their contemporary fireplace designs and quality of construction. The denatured ethanol fuel is smokeless and odorless, leaving no ash to clean up. Even the wall fireplaces are easily to install and move whenever you need or want to move them. Since there are no special installation instructions regarding venting, adding a fireplace to your home is a easy as taking it out of the box. The fireplaces are easy to keep clean, add beauty to your interior design, and warmth to your home indoors or out. With the major storms we have been experiencing across the US, having one of these fireplaces is a safe bet to help keep you warm if the power goes out. Denatured Ethanol is safe and is environmentally friendly to use" noted Susan.


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