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Driving in a major city can be dangerous and after a recent case of road rage involving an angry driver banging on a motorists window resulted in a shooting in self-defense, Comedy Driving decided to give some tips to avoid a road rage situation from becoming violent. Many road rage situations are a constant tug of war of revenge and one-ups that can be prevented just by realizing people make mistakes and it is better to just keep your cool and let the anger go.

Everyone that lives in a major city has to sit through traffic at some point. Comedy Driving finds that patience and a positive mood are very important to have; especially when traffic construction and drivers that seem to lack these driving qualities are abundant.

In large cities construction is a way of life. There is always some repairing or building of new highway and there is never enough “highway” for the amount of busy bodies that are trying to get from A to B. Recently, the city of Houston has started to expand a portion of a highway called Highway 290 and the backup of cars this expansion will increase the travel time for most. Not to mention, the expansion will go on for years.

For those unfortunate, in Houston and everywhere else around the country facing similar situations, how can motorists survive? For one, be relaxed. Listen to music that creates a relax mood. Tune the radio in the car to a radio station it can be left on for some time. This will reduce concentration on changing the dial on the radio and shifting focus directly to driving. “It takes me an hour to get to work and an hour to get back home in the afternoon. I see all types of drivers on the road so I basically just listen to my favorite comic show on XM radio. This way I am relaxed and in no hurry,” says Albert with Comedy Driving.

If there is more than one lane of traffic it is wise to simply stay on one lane. Do not try to weave in and out of lanes. It most cases, all lanes of traffic are traveling the same speed, so weaving in and out of lanes does not decrease commute time. Additionally, moving in and out of lanes may increase the risk of a minor collision. For those that travel on heavy commuted roads every day, it is a common fact that not all drivers are willing to yield and let a car into their lane. Some drivers may go as far as try to block another driver from entering their lane. To avoid this type of fiasco, simply stay on one lane.

Do not tailgate other driver’s. This means to keep a clear distance from other vehicles back end and avoid getting too close to their vehicles. Unlike the social and friendliness of football tailgating, automobile tailgating maybe one of the most annoying habits on the road. Try to avoid this habit at all times. Other driver’s may interpret this action as a violent or aggressive act and may try to retaliate.

Look for signs of aggression from other driver’s. For example, if a driver is trying their hardest to not let anyone in their lane, then just avoid that driver at all times; do not approach, make eye contact or try to cut in front of their lane. If an aggressive or violent driver approaches ignore them, head to the nearest police station, or call 911. Create a pleasant and positive atmosphere when driving through traffic to make the driving experience bearable. Traffic will always be a way of life in big cities so learn to tolerate and manage all situations as every day is a new driving experience.

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