Newly-Patented Semantic Technology for Morphing Prose Text, Not Images

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Image morphing has been around since the mid 1980s. Now, Holovisions LLC announces a new patented semantic technology for morphing prose text.

Text morphing blends two portions of text

integrating or blending together the content of two different bodies of prose text

Image morphing is a special effect in which a first image is gradually changed into a second image. Image morphing is often used to morph one person's face into a second person's face. In the middle of the image morphing process, a new face is created that combines elements of both. Image morphing has grown in popularity and use since its introduction in the 1980s.

Now, in 2013, it is possible to morph together two bodies of prose text in a manner that is analogous to the way in which image morphing morphs together two images. Holovisions LLC announces the issue of its U.S. Patent 8,386,239 "Multi-Stage Text Morphing" which discloses semantic technology for integrating or blending together the content of two different bodies of prose text into a single body of prose text. This morphing is based on locations of semantic commonality between the two original bodies of prose text. Prose text morphing can be useful for creative ideation, product development, integrative search engines, word processing, text synthesis, entertainment purposes, and other applications.

Multi-stage text morphing spans four incremental stages of text morphing. First-stage text morphing is substitution of phrase synonyms between two bodies of text. This changes text style, but does not significantly change text meaning. Second-stage text morphing is substitution, between two bodies of text, of text segments with synonymous starting phrases and synonymous ending phrases. This second stage is analogous, in some respects, to splicing different gene segments that have compatible starting and ending sequences, but different middle sequences. This begins to morph meaning in addition to style. The third and fourth stages of text morphing substantially morph together the content of two or more bodies of text.

Holovisions LLC has a database of over 130,000 common phrase synonyms for use in text morphing. As this database is expanded, text morphing will be further enhanced. Holovisions is looking for a business partner to launch a stand-alone text-morphing website or to license text morphing technology to other companies for word processing, search engine, or other text-related applications. "We are excited about the potential popularity of text morphing. It can be used as a stand-alone application or as part of a search engine or word processing application. We are interested in hearing from potential partners who would like to learn more about possibly working with us to take it to the next level," says Robert A. Connor, Ph.D., CEO of Holovisions.

About Holovisions LLC: Holovisions is a tech start-up in Minnesota where people write patents during the long winters. In addition to U.S. patents in the field of text manipulation and search, Holovisions has IP in the field of glasses-free 3D display. The CEO of Holovisions, Robert A. Connor, Ph.D., was honored as one of Minnesota's top inventors in 2011 and in 2013.

Contact: Robert A. Connor, Ph.D.,CEO, Holovisions LLC, (612) 339-1442

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