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Managing Editor Tim Young and the rest of the Absolute Rights contributor team have issued the latest edition of their semiweekly Newsletter.



AbsoluteRights.com is providing content and insight on the hottest topics circulating through the web and beyond.

Absolute Rights has published their newest Digital Newsletter with articles from Managing Editor Tim Young as well as the website’s contributing writers. Topics in this latest edition include America’s misery index, sequestration, North Korea, and more.

The main article was written by Brent Dickerson, and zooms in on the misery index, a measurement of the unemployment rate added to the inflation rate. Originating with economist Arthur Okun in the Lyndon Johnson era, the misery index was closely investigated by Dickerson. His findings revealed Obama’s tenure has held an average of 10.6% miserable, above the average of 9.5% over the course of the last 64 years.

“As I looked at these numbers,” Dickerson wrote, “I couldn’t help but think how they don’t fit with reality. I know that the misery index is truly higher than is reported in these data.”

Dickerson continues with his reasons why the number is not indicative of the truth, and calculates the more accurate depiction of who he calls “Obama the Miserable.”

Contenders’ Corner is the Newsletter article that shares political insight, and the latest version comes from Young. The article clarifies the budget-cutting sequestration issue, but reveals the fact that Congress will face no such cuts.

“Under the deal, if Congress fails to agree on and enact $1.2 trillion in spending cuts, it would trigger an automatic across-the-board reduction in spending,” Young wrote. “But don’t worry about your dedicated and loyal representatives in Washington. Pay for members of the House and Senate will not be heading over the same “fiscal cliff” as their personnel and employees.”

In the Crisis Ops section, contributor and SurvivalLife.com Managing Editor ‘Above Average’ Joe shares a multitude of uses for baking soda, one of the oldest and most versatile substances around.

“Since its discovery the name may have changed but its uses have not,” wrote Joe in the article. “It has been used for thousands of years as a cleaning product for both the home and body.”

Joe goes on to explain more than 50 alternative uses for baking soda, many of which are based around cleaning and deodorizing.

The last article from the recent Newsletter is the Global Watch piece, written by Dickerson and detailing the latest developments out of North Korea. Seismic activity from the region may indicate nuclear detonation, a scary thought from Dickerson’s perspective.

“The North is cornered by the world, and now with the ability to retaliate on a scale never seen before the reaction by Kim Jong Un will most probably be an unpredictable fight for life just as an animal will do if cornered by a stronger rival,” said Dickerson.

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