9 Skills for Listening to Life by Geoffrey Caine Just Released on Kindle

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Geoffrey Caine publishes 9 Skills for Listening to Life, the first of his 5-book series on the essence and often missed and ignored foundations of great listening. Caine’s new ebook provides powerful and informative tools for deeper listening and better communication within personal and professional settings.

This book helped me at a pivotal time, in a relationship that really mattered.

Geoffrey Caine is a writer and a process coach who is passionate about deep listening, deep learning, and the art of processing experience, both personally and in groups. His most recent publication, 9 Skills for Listening to Life, hones in on the art of deep listening. The first of a five-book series, this Kindle book provides immediate and practical tips to deepen listening skills, improve overall communication, and build healthier relationships.

9 Skills for Listening to Life can help virtually anyone. It can enlighten someone about the art and importance of deep listening on a personal level.

“Life doesn't always give us what we want, but it gives us what we need. This book helped me at a pivotal time, in a relationship that really mattered,” says Rita F. Crumrine, M.A., LMFT.

The book also provides great insight to listening within a professional setting.

Stephen Savage, of Lunatopia Productions, says, “The book provides a practical tool chest of techniques based on a simple principle: that we can accomplish so much more in life, business, relationships, when we begin any dialog by listening. I will be utilizing the skills of Life Listening in all of my investor meetings from now on.”

It was actually the lack of discipline in listening within the political setting that spurred Geoffrey Caine to write this book and begin the series.

He says, “I have been hugely frustrated over the last few years with how heated political debate is, how certain people are about their own opinions, and how little people tend to listen to each other. This just all boiled over into a desire to contribute, at least in a small way, to better listening. It also seemed to me to be a way to contribute to the efforts of so many other people and groups to grow a healthier political atmosphere and a more pleasant and cooperative social climate.”

Listening is a part of everyone’s daily life. Unfortunately, in a fast-paced and stressful environment, wholly listening to one another can sometimes be compromised.

Caine says, “People are struggling, people are stressed and people are in a hurry. And one of the best ways to deal with that is through more and better listening, and I wanted to contribute…I wanted to organize listening into groups of skills that just make practical sense.”

9 Skills for Listening to Life is currently available on Kindle for $2.99. For more information and testimonials about author and process coach, Geoffrey Caine, visit his website http://www.CaineLearning.com.

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