Programs for Training in Biotechnology and Training Women in Bioscience and Biotechnology Careers

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The BioVoyage institute announces new programs for training in biotechnology and bioscience. These programs are specifically designed to help women for career positions that require no advanced degree or advanced educational training.

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The Biovoyage Institute

The Voyage Institute, recognizes the importance of training women in bioscience/biotechnology career positions. Such training will help women to bridge the social, financial, and gender gaps that plague our societies

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As the 21st Century gears up towards becoming more technologically advanced, the role of education and training in biotechnology is becoming more pronounced than ever. Virtually, every industry uses technology and requires a workforce skilled in the sciences, engineering, computers, mathematics, and likewise in biotechnology.

Increasingly, the number of career positions available that require a background in the aforementioned fields is very high, especially in bioscience/biotechnology. However, the demand and supply of skilled individuals are greatly imbalanced, and there is a disparity in the numbers of men and women applying for these career positions.

Because of the constant change in globalization, more countries are integrating their operations, the Western philosophy is permeating other societies more, and as such, more women are entering the workforce. Historically, women were not trained for the workforce. In addition, it is a rarity to find women in the biotechnology/scientific fields, especially in developing countries. Traditionally, more men have been trained for positions in these fields. Only since the past 10-15 years, women are being trained for the workforce and for the scientific arenas.

However, because of the lack of resources, especially in the developing countries, not enough women are entering the scientific workforce. Some of the reasons for that include societal pressures, inability to shake off traditional beliefs, cultural stereotyping, etc. These reasons inevitably reduce women’s access to career positions and high paying status.

According to Jeanne Therese H. Andres “Most of the world's poor—over 1 billion people — are women and children. And women make up a large portion of any nation's human resources, providing a rich potential supply of talented scientists and innovators" (1). Additionally, there are a great number of single mothers and women who are heads of households (with increased responsibilities), and the current economic situation is not favorable to them (unemployment/low paying jobs).

According to UN News Centre an estimated 500 million people are predicted to enter the global workforce over the next decade, and it is important to know that women are not excluded from biotechnology and technology jobs; Reference (2). According to David Dickson and Jeanne Therese H. Andres “Countries cannot afford to ignore the growing evidence that women's increased participation in science can spur economic and social development. Both policy-and decision-makers need to be made aware of the correlation and take active steps to overcome the many barriers that prevent women's involvement in science" (3).

The Voyage Institute recognizes the importance of training women in bioscience/biotechnology career positions. Such training will help women to bridge the social, financial, and gender gaps that plague our societies especially in cultures that are not -favorable to women. The biotechnology training programs are specifically designed to help women for career positions that require no advanced degree or advanced educational training. For example, the training covers Medical/Laboratory Technician, Research Associate, Research Assistant, Bio-sales Associate, Material Handler to name a few. Such biotechnology training would enable - - women to find employment in - education, pharmaceutical companies, medicine, security, aerospace, law enforcement, and a host of other entities.

The training is on biotechnology, because it is one of the fastest growing and higher paying science fields, with more jobs added on a regular basis and excellent scope for personal growth and development ( And with such training, women will be able to lift themselves out of poverty, become self-sufficient, and be able to independently support their families.

The Institute’s overall objective is to prepare women for the 21st Century Workforce. Then, they will become employable, in turn build communities of biotechnology enthusiasts, create new products and innovative inventions, become taxpayers boosting their local economies and also industry leaders and entrepreneurs. The Voyage Institute aims to create an environment of fun educational activities and encourage - women to pursue careers in biotechnology. The Institute’s programs - will not only create financial stability, but also open brand new doors and opportunities that never existed until now.

After training, these women will have choices, become more confident and marketable. The newly trained “biotechnology women” will be better equipped to handle challenges and make rational decisions. As the world continues to evolve technologically, providing the much needed scientific education to women will ensure that they do not lag behind, and can contribute equally to building stronger economies, and safer future for themselves and their families.

In addition, The Institute offers online and/or on-site biotechnology -programs, hands-on workshops, and seminars that will lay a solid foundation in biotechnology and for other scientific endeavors. Likewise, the Institute offers 10 free 4-year scholarships every year for students anywhere in the world who desire to obtain biotechnology education. Individuals with a high school education or equivalent are encouraged to apply for the scholarships. In the absence of the high education or equivalency, other alternatives may be available on a case-by-case basis.

The Voyage Institute’s vision stretches across the globe and there are no boundaries. They encourage collaborations and partnerships with organizations, educational institutions, pharmaceutical, scientific/biotechnology companies, individuals, private, religious and public organizations. At a time when prices are sky rocketing in every sector including education, The Voyage Institute is offering programs at an affordable cost and with a great deal of flexibility to anyone living anywhere in the world. The Institute eagerly looks forward to hearing from all.

Please visit the website at Suggestions and help are welcome from anyone who shares common interests and goals.

About the The BioVoyage Institute
The BioVoyage Institute started in 1998, and subsequently adopted the name “The Voyage Institute”. The Institute is a nonprofit research & educational organization, located in Florida, which is dedicated to training and educating children and adults.  

For more information on how you can get involved, contact Dr. Josh Calderon: info(at)thevoyageinstitute(dot)com


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