Gainsborough Showers Publishes 'History of Showers' Infographic

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UK shower manufacturer Gainsborough Showers has investigated the origins of the modern household shower, and has created a colourful and amusing new infographic to illustrate the journey of this, now, common household feature.

The History of Showers Infographic

The History of Showers Infographic

The company discovered that the first showers used by man were, in fact, waterfalls, and this was the starting point for the infographic. Ancient tribal people would utilise the falling water to cleanse themselves; a resourceful idea. As civilisation progressed, the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks invented new ways to wash. Egyptians masters would instruct their servants to pour jugs of (often cold) water over them, whilst the Greeks invented aqueducts and sewerage systems to pump water into communal shower rooms. The Romans continued this hygienic trend. They were known for their love of cleanliness, and there is still evidence of their famous bathhouses throughout their fallen Empire. Each point in history is included in the timeline of the infographic.

The infographic then details the fall of the Roman Empire, and the rise of Christianity throughout Europe, hygiene became more of a sign of vanity and a religious taboo. As a result of this, disease became more prevalent and this culminated in the spread of the Black Death in the Middle Ages. After a third of the European population died from the Plague, the health benefits of washing became more widely recognised, and it was no longer seen as a sign of vanity to keep oneself clean.

Upon further research, the company then learned that the first patent for a shower was granted in 1767 to William Feetham, of Ludgate Hill in London, and this was an important section of the infographic. The shower had a hand pump to force the water through onto the user, and this invention was very popular with servants at the time, as it meant that they had less water to carry. After the first patent, the development of showers progressed quickly during the Industrial Revolution. The first designer shower was invented anonymously in the 19th Century. It was called the English Regency and featured a metal frame painted to look like bamboo. After indoor plumbing was invented, the development of shower technology was much more rapid.

Gainsborough’s infographic then states that in the 20th Century, electric showers were invented, but originally they were called Tankless Water Heaters. They were popular for their ability to supply instantaneous hot water without the need to depend on a hot water tank. Throughout the 20th Century, more and more UK homes had bathrooms inside the home, but they were still considered a luxury until the 1960s. In the 1980s, consumers demanded more luxurious shower designs and manufacturers responded to this with a wider variety of designs and choices.

In the 21st Century, a new shower technology was pioneered by a UK manufacturer called Aqualisa. Digital showers were developed and a new era in showering was born. Gainsborough Showers manufacturers a range of models from all three showering technologies: electric, mixer and digital. This is the final point on the infographic timeline.

To view the History of Showers infographic in full, please visit the Gainsborough Showers website.

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With over 40 years experience in the UK domestic shower market, Gainsborough Showers offers a range of quality and reliable showers online at affordable prices. The company provides free next working day delivery and a dedicated customer service team to offer expert help and advice.

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