Expanded Dietary Program Released to Complement Stem Cell 100 Nutraceutical; the Program Provides Stem Cell and Telomere Support to Help Rejuvenate the Human Body

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Look younger, feel better with improved Stem Cell 100 TM and new dietary program.

Stem Cell 100

We believe that the combination of a healty diet, exercise and anti-aging nutraceuticals will allow many of us to stay healthy and live long enough to experience radical life extension breakthroughs that will become available during the next few decades.

A new dietary program has been released to improve the benefits of Stem Cell 100 Nutraceutical. It will be sent in ebook form to those that purchase the product at no extra cost during March, 2013.

We applied 21st Century technology to create an effective nutraceutical supplement that promotes adult stem cells. Stem Cell 100 TM combines ten pharmaceutical-grade natural vegetarian extracts that promote regenerative stem cells in the body. Stem Cell 100 TM acts by stimulating biological processes needed to promote healthy stem cells, while inhibiting the degenerative inflammatory reactions that limit stem cell function. Along with our clinical therapeutics, we are developing additional supplements that promote our own stem cells and have a positive benefit on other mechanisms of aging. Stem Cell 100 does not contain any stem cells. It is made with pharmaceutical grade plant extracts that have been used for thousands of years processed with advanced technology.

Children do not suffer from many of the problems of aging. Consequently they can recover rapidly after an injury or illness because their young adult stem cells have a much better ability to repair and regenerate any damage they have experienced. After aging takes place the adult stem cells lose capacity to repair and there are not as many available. Also, the micro-environments that nourish stem cells are less and less nurturing with age, so cellular turnover and repair are reduced. This happens over a long period of time so that most are not aware of it until later in life. Some individuals notice changes during their 20's, 30's and 40's. Almost everyone sees the difference after they pass 50 years of age. Stem Cell 100 can help those of us over 30 regain more youthful regenerative potential by stabilizing adult stem cells and telomeres.

Stem Cell 100 Helps to Support:

1. Adult stem cell rejuvenation
2. A healthy cardiovascular system
3. Younger looking skin
4. Healthy blood pressure levels for those already in the normal range
5. Healthy cholesterol levels for those already in the normal range
6. Healthy blood glucose levels for those already in the normal range
7. Better learning and focus
8. Healthy breasts, colon, pancreas, and prostate
9. A healthy immune system
10. More endurance with vigorous exercise

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