Scott Tischler Conscience Unveils the Power of the Mind in the Work Place and in the Gym Just in Time to Get in Shape by Beach Season

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Scott Tischler Conscience unveils the power of the mind in the work place and in the gym just in time to get in shape by beach season.

Scott Tischler Discusses the power of the mind, The power of the mind

The power of the mind

Self-image talk is a very powerful tool. This tool can be used for positive or negative results in life. If the mind is focused on negative things then that is exactly what will happen. Being pulled over and receiving a ticket for speeding, a relationship ending, or even losing your job. Whatever is being focused on will come to reality. So it is best that the mind does not focus on such negative things otherwise these negatives will come to fruition.

The good part about SIT is that it can be used to achieve good things in life. Getting that promotion, losing weight, staying healthy, and having a healthy relationship.

It can be hard to change SIT but it can be done and there are a few easy ways to do this.
1. When feeling down take a deep breath to calm down.
2. After calming down take a moment to think about five positive things. For example being employed, being healthy, or having great friends.
3. After thinking about five positive things try to focus on those throughout the day.

It is important to realize that changing SIT is not an overnight process. It takes time to retrain the mind. Just like it takes time to lose weight and change diet. The mind is like any other muscle it has to be trained.

The most important thing to remember about self-image talk is to focus only on positive aspects of life. Focusing on positive aspects will bring forth more positive results. Just like focusing on only negative things in life will bring about more negative things to happen in life. Thinking about not wanting to get pulled over by a police officer will in fact make it more likely that that will happen. The brain cannot hear negatives. For example saying something will not happen, the brain does not hear the word not so it in turn hears that something will happen. The way to combat this is just change the wording when using self-image talk. Replace the negative statement with a positive statement of this will happen.

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