QNET Offers Solution to Egypt’s Water Pollution Problem through HomePure

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QNET’s HomePure, is a portable water filtration system that is able to get rid of 97% of chlorine and other contaminants, resulting in water very similar to that found in your body. Called Pi-water, it’s created by a ceramic in the system that adds Ferric Ferrous Salt to the water.

QNET's HomePure, a portable water filtration system

Products like HomePure are an example of how QNET helps individuals achieve their goals and lead better lives through a combination of an entrepreneurial business opportunity with life-enhancing products.

According to a report, 80% of citizens living in the city of Assuit in Egypt drink unclean water. Last year, hundreds of Egyptians in Menoufia fell ill after drinking contaminated water.

At the 6th World Water Forum, it was presented that 10% of diseases globally are caused by unsafe drinking water.

While the Egyptian government is striving to find long-term solutions to resolve this problem, corporations have come up with products and solutions that help improve water quality and provide clean water for drinking.

Leading direct selling company QNET is one such example. Its product, HomePure, is a portable water purification system for homes that is equipped with a 7-stage filtration system, each filtering out a different type of contaminant. The system is also equipped with tourmaline ceramic balls which have antibacterial and deodorising qualities.

“With Egypt being one of QNET’s fastest-growing and important markets, we have taken special care to produce a product that would help one of the country’s most pressing problems,” explained Mr JR Mayer, QNET Managing Director.

The water that you end up drinking is Pi-water, very similar to that found in your body. It’s created by a Pi-water ceramic that adds Ferric Ferrous Salt to the water. When added to tap water, Fe2Fe3 quickly breaks down the chlorine and suppresses the increase of excessive free radicals, thus serving as an anti-oxidant.

Pi-water is well known, especially in Japan, as water that enhances your body’s living energy.

“No other filter that I know of comes with such technology. Being a mother of two, my children’s health is my topmost priority. I start my day with a glass of Pi-water every morning without fail,” said Hala Tawfik, a QNET Independent Representative in Egypt on why she prefers HomePure over other filters.

"Aside from the Pi-water ceramic ball, there are several features that set HomePure apart from similar products in the market. The first is the antibacterial Silver-lite stone that the filtration system is equipped with, which prevents bacteria and algae growth," said Mr Mayer.

"Second, HomePure is installed with a smart indicator that lets you know when you need to change your filtration cartridge, so you can be assured of fresh and clean water each time."

After the seven stages of filtration, the water that you drink contains a small amount of natural minerals.

The product is already one of QNET's best-selling in Egypt.

"The technology used to filter the water makes it not just colourless and odourless but, for the first time, our tap water has no taste, which means it is pure," explained Mai Shaheen, one of QNET's Independent Representatives in Egypt, on why she started using HomePure.

"The water filtration system we had at home before HomePure never made a difference to our tap water, as it still had a strange taste and smell. When my friend told me about her father's experience with HomePure and how he had completely stopped buying bottled water, I considered it immediately."

The system has been tested and certified by NSF International, a leading global provider of public health and safety risk management solutions. It has also been tested at renowned laboratories worldwide such as TÜV SÜD PSB in Singapore, SIRIM QAS International and Consolidated Laboratory in Malaysia, and KEWI Korea Environment & Water Works Institute in Korea*.

HomePure’s user-friendly design makes it easy to install and use in the home. It also does not require electricity to operate, thus providing clean water at minimal cost.

"It doesn't require much space in the kitchen, nor does it need regular maintenance. The 7-stage filter might sound complex but I was able to fix the machine at home in about three minutes, without the need for an electrical connection," said Mai Shaheen.

“Products like HomePure are an example of how QNET helps individuals achieve their goals and lead better lives through a combination of an entrepreneurial business opportunity with life-enhancing products,” said Mr Mayer.

*Please see details below on the tests done on HomePure by various laboratories.

  •     SIRIM QAS International Sdn. Bhd. (Test report no. 2010KL0408);
  •     TÜV SÜD PSB, Singapore (Test report: 719165835-CHM10-EKH);
  •     KEWWI Korea Environment & Water Works Institute, Korea;
  •     Consolidated Laboratory (M) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia.

One sample of Water Filter Branded: HomePure has been tested by SIRIM QAS International Sdn. Bhd. Sample of water after filtration was collected and has been tested for certain elements in the Twenty-Fifth Schedule of Food Regulations 1985. For details, please refer to Test Report No. 2010KL0408 dated 31st March 2010.

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QNET is one of Asia’s leading Direct Selling companies with a dynamic online shopping and business community comprising around five million customers and independent distributors around the world. The company offers an entrepreneurial network marketing business opportunity and a portfolio of lifestyle products that have been developed to enhance the lives of its customers through innovation, wellness and luxury. Established in Asia in 1998, QNET utilises the direct sales business model on a proprietary eCommerce platform to market and distribute its exclusive products. The company specialises in everyday, consumer brands as well as high-end luxury goods.

QNET is a member of the Direct selling Association in Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.

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