KJ Gamez' New Platform Game Combines the Spirit of an Epic Win with the Hidden Message of Wildlife Preservation

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Serious gamers are invited to follow a koala across deep-jungle grassy areas while avoiding collisions with ghosts of extinction.

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Koala Jungle mobile game

The seriously addictive game has a total of 50 levels, including tricky sequences even the most seasoned gamers will enjoy.

KJ Gamez proudly announced its innovative mobile game, "Koala Jungle," today. The seriously addictive game has a total of 50 levels, including tricky sequences even the most seasoned gamers will enjoy. Follow KJ Hero, the koala, across deep-jungle grassy platforms to reach a twig of fresh eucalyptus leaves at the end of the journey. Avoid ghosts of extinct animals, such as pterodactyls, tyrannosauri, Tasmanian tigers, and other bygone creatures that seek to drag the koala into their vanished worlds. A collision with a dinosaur ghost will reset the scene. One must remove dinosaurs and manmade obstacles to help get the koala to its goal.

The use of mobile games applied to learning can create any future imaginable. Educational systems and corporations are continuously reinventing themselves to be fearlessly competitive. The fearless koala in KJ Gamez is approachable yet tough. The koala becomes its own hero while exploring a world with endless possibilities.

• Reward ingenuity with 101+ free gifts when a game is played to the end!
• Let a small koala teach by example that fears are only real if we allow them to be.
• Learn about global and environmental relationships while following your passions.
• Value delayed gratification and perseverance in bringing projects to completion.
• Improve brainpower skills such as problem solving and increased attention.
• Play with ease! This game was designed for any age (6 and up).

• Created for smartphones, KJ Gamez also work well on iPads and other tablets.
• Different levels of entertainment include stunning visuals, music, and sounds.
• Multiple stages were designed for any age group and skill set in mind.
• High-endurance gameplay leads to epic wins with multiple prizes in wait.
• Clean user interface with consistent menu structure throughout each game.

  • Easy access to pause button, instructions, sound settings, and scores.

KJ Gamez™ features entertaining, socially conscious Apple and Android smartphone games centered around a koala rag doll avatar, simply known as "KJ Hero." Inspired by shamanic powers attributed to the koala by ancient Aboriginals, KJ helps conquer fears, encourages the player to achieve the impossible, explores character reinvention, transcends universes and known realities. Each game comes with free gifts when played to completion. The prizes consist of a combination of tangible goods and visual assets.

The educational system of America is realizing that immediate interactive positive feedback from a computer game can be a tremendous motivational circuit for students. With incentive for motivation, the game creates a sense of urgency. Obstacles are challenges to be met. Achieving a grand win that takes perseverance to achieve creates an extraordinary positive motivational system. Players receive immediate feedback, complete with animation and sounds. The educational score results, whether high or low, are nonthreatening. The inanimate bond is a built-in version of trust with the results a computer can provide. The wins or defeats and high or low scores the game provides are given without negative feedback. The user realizes that the computer is not threatening and is a reliable tool for feedback toward obtaining a goal.

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• iTunes.com, Amazon, Google Play and Barnes & Noble Nook.
• Games-specific page: http://www.koalajo.com/games.html
• Web: http://www.koalajo.com, m.koalajo.com (mobile)
• Twitter: @KJ_Gamez
• Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kjgamez.koalajo
• Contact: kj_gamez(at)yahoo(dot)com

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