The Osmond Girls Release New Music DVDs Through The Princess Festival

The Osmond Girls, nieces of the celebrated Donny and Marie Osmond have just released inspiring new music DVDs with the help of the Princess Festival.

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The Osmond Girls performance at the 2012 Princess Festival

We know that being a princess is more than glitter and ribbons – a true princess knows how to make a difference in the world by using courage, compassion, and grace!

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) March 06, 2013

The next generation of Osmonds, The Osmond Girls, is coming to the forefront as part of the annual Princess Festival. The performances are based on the core theme of the Princess Festival, “More than a Princess” which defines what a true Princess does: care for others and give meaningful service. The Princess Festival has captured them performing this Music at the 2012 Princess Festival. CDs and the new Music DVDs are now available to the public at The Osmond girls, daughters of Mike and Bekah Osmond are the grand daughters of Alan Osmond and nieces of Donny and Marie Osmond.

Gary Gray, composer, arranger, musician, associate of Quincy Jones and the former manager of Ellis Hall made this statement in June 2012 after watching the Osmond Girls perform at the Princess Festival: “I have been in the business now for over 30 years and this is the best all girl group that I can recall. I believe that with their talent and poise, they are the next Marie Osmond.”

In its 6th year, Princess Festival is the Largest Princess Specific Adventure Event in the US. It is an interactive family adventure with a princess theme. The adventures are to be enjoyed from June 18-29 at the Thanksgiving Point events center in Lehi, Utah. All events are geared to entertain families and especially children ages 3-12.

The Princess Festival has a cast of 68 actors and over 100 volunteers who provide a venue where kids can ‘play Princess’ (and Prince) in 10 different adventures with the cast. There are also three shows performed at the venue including: Princess and the Pea, the Wise Little Girl, and a special master puppet performance of “Princess Kadesia and the Blue Boy”. The Princess Festival characters include carefully selected Classical Princesses, The Twelve Dancing Princesses, and the Princess Festival’s own Princesses along with the Magical Hobbyduke Characters side cast, all who are dressed up and ready to play!

“We know that being a princess is more than glitter and ribbons – a true princess knows how to make a difference in the world by using courage, compassion, and grace! The Princess Festival is focused on bringing values of service, kindness and self-respect to Princess Play – encouraging our little Princess guests to be their best selves while having the time of their lives.”

  • Ron Hatfield, founder of the Princess Festival

Hatfield invites all to come see the shows and play with our their new Princesses of Everley on their Princess Adventures as they learn the magic of service and love by dropping into the fairy tales with the at the largest Princess Specific Adventure in America.


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