Adonna Seals Explores The Choices And Consequences Hidden In Bitter Experiences Of Life In Her Newly Released Book "Abused Twice"

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With A Double Take On One Of The Most Controversial And Common Issues, Adonna Seals Proves Her Brilliance And Ingenuity As A Gifted Writer

Abused Twice

Abused Twice

Abused Twice’ is a story of a woman and her personal journey through different experiences and emotions, including innocence, love, betrayal, pain, sex, sin, hate and abuse.

New and aspiring writers are the most valuable components of the literary world. They bring new perspectives, fresh ideas and reveal unexplored territories. Celebrating the launch of her first novel ‘Abused Twice’, Adonna Seals proves to be a powerful and promising addition to the literary community. Revolving around a bitter and controversial topic of domestic abuse, ‘Abused Twice’ is a book with the class and potential to put its writer among the most brilliant and creative minds of our times.

‘Abused Twice’ is a story of a woman and her personal journey through different experiences and emotions, including innocence, love, betrayal, pain, sex, sin, hate and abuse. It is about a girl who goes through almost the same phase in her life twice. While watching her father physically abusing her mother filled her with fear and despair, confrontation with the same circumstances and fate gave her courage, strength to fight back and survive.

Explaining her views, ideas and inspiration behind the book, Adonna says, “I wanted it to be something everyone could relate to. While those who have personally experienced physical abuse would find inspiration and courage in it, others would have the chance to see things from a perspective, they were not previously aware of. It is all about how our personal choices change who we are and how we impact other people’s lives.”

Adonna also revealed that incidents described in the book are loosely based on real-life events and experiences. The book presents Laurel, Mississippi in its decade's old simplicity, the way she remembers it. Like a work of a truly gifted and blessed writer, ‘Abused Twice’ carries the element of simplicity, naivety and innocence despite a dark and depressing theme.
The influential and inspirational story is backed by strong character development and a powerful writing style. Adonna beautifully submerges the readers into the character and allows them to see through their perspective. The beauty of this book is in the way it makes the reader relate to the characters, even if they do not share similar experiences or problems.

Praising Adonna for her efforts and hard work, a philanthropist working against domestic abuse said, “It is not possible to stop an abuser without making the victim refuse to be abused anymore. ‘Abused Twice’ brilliantly does both. Both Carl and Yolanda are characters readers ought to learn from despite their shortcomings.”

‘Abused Twice’ is among those few books which aim to raise awareness towards issues people normally overlook. It is a wake-up call not for any individual but for the whole society. To read a sample of the book, please visit The book is currently for sale through Amazon, please visit and other major retailers.

Adonna Seals is an aspiring new writer with her first book ‘Abused Twice’ stirring a lot of buzz around the literary community. Living in Memphis, Adonna was born and raised in Laurel, Mississippi. She received her bachelor’s degree in Biology from Jackson State University. After gaining positive reviews and recognition for her first book, Adonna is now working on two more titles including a sequel of ‘Abused Twice’ and ‘Snapped.’

You can join her on Facebook at, follow her on Twitter at and visit her website at For contact, please use the following details.

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