Leaders' Map is now live on the Apple App Store

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A new iPhone app designed to help leaders navigate towards success in their work and other life roles.

Leaders' Map helps join up the dots from setting the right direction to focussing on todays priorities - Ed Bussey, CEO, iTrigga


This iPhone app has been designed to help leaders navigate towards success in their work and other roles in life.

Serial entrepreneur Ed Bussey, CEO of iTrigga, says: “Leaders’ Map helps join up the dots……from setting the right direction to focussing on today’s priorities.” It is a unique, practical toolbox to….create short, sharp plans for multiple roles in life …set targets for each
role…create a Today List…prioritise tasks and put a value on them… check progress…and get some daily wisdom!

Leaders’ Map has been over 30 years in the making and 6 months in refinement. The principles embedded within it have seen first-hand, working in business and public sectors, within entrepreneurial start-ups and global corporates, within charity and faith organisations, and even on the sports field and beyond.

Most plans seen connect “We are here” to “We want to get there” with a straight line. But life is unpredictable; winds blow, waves rise, currents pull, obstacles block and opportunities arise. The journey is like sailing the ocean, rather than driving along a straight road. Leaders’ Map has multi-functions to help the user on the journey.

Although it has many novel features – being able to juggle up to 5 roles, the 7-step Q&A system to create a planon-a-page for each role, rich performance analytics and more beside - its GLEPS™ system is unique. GLEPS™ are value markers. The user assigns a value to a task: is it reactive, productive, proactive, creative or transformative? It simply helps sort out the “wheat from the chaff” each day.

Leaders Map encourages leaders to, see the big picture, choose the right direction, do the right things, check progress, and be inspired. It’s our intention that Leaders’ Map will in a small, but significant way, help leaders day-to-day across the globe to achieve great things.

To find out more go to http://www.leadersmap.com


To find out more view the short Concept and Guide videos at http://www.leadersmap.com/video or contact
John Greenway at john.greenway(at)leadersmap(dot)com

1. GLEPS™ are value markers. Each task can have one of these 5 types of values.
Transformative = occasional high impact decisions or "game changing" events [Golden activity]
Creative = re-energising the team. Strategic. Learning. [Turns on the Light]
Proactive = taking the initiative, anticipating the future [Enterprising activity]
Productive = core day-to-day responsibilities that are important [Producing everyday]
Reactive = activities that add little or no value [Should I Stop this activity?]
2. Leaders’ Map will give away 10% of its profits to educating children in the developing world.

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