Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi's Views about Celebrities having Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi from the London Medical and Aesthetic clinic has been asked to comment on the recent photos of the curvy Kate Upton, a voluptuous supermodel who has recently posed in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue as well modelling for Victoria’s Secret.

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi from the London Medical and Aesthetic clinic has been asked to comment on the recent photos of the curvy Kate Upton, a voluptuous 19-year-old supermodel who has recently posted in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue as well modelling for Victoria’s Secret.As featured on http://famousplastic.net/2013/03/05/kate-upton-before-and-after-photoshop/

Although Kate Upton’s breasts are of a larger size, Dr Ayham Al Ayoubi, an expert cosmetic and laser surgeon believes that Kate Upton does not have breast implants. “Kate Upton’s naturally large D-cup breasts move in a very natural way and are formed in a natural shape, although they are large, Kate Upton is a curvy girl and her breasts are in good proportion the rest of her body”.

Like many other plastic surgeons would agree, although Kate Upton looks like she doesn't currently have breast implants, they would not rule out recommending breast improvement procedures in the future.

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi states ‘I would not rule out Kate Upton having breast surgery in the future. Currently they are very full, however in the future with age; breasts naturally drop or lose shape due to weight loss, pregnancy, gravity and other factors.

Woman's breasts often change over time, losing their youthful shape and firmness. These changes and loss of skin elasticity can lead women to have breast augmentation procedures.

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi comments on Kate Upton’s appearance, ‘Kate Upton is a very attractive young female with a well-proportioned curvy figure’ as many other surgeons would agree the need for any surgical improvement now is certainly not necessary.

Breast enhancement surgery, also known as Breast Augmentation has become increasingly popular in the UK as well as abroad. Women of all shapes and sizes choose to have the procedure because it increases a woman’s breast size and creates a full and even breast shape. Women who wish for a bigger cup size, after pregnancy, breast feeding or even weight loss may consider breast augmentation or if they are a woman with naturally smaller breasts, or reduced size breast after childbirth or weight loss.

Many celebrities have both denied and admitted to having breast augmentation surgery.

Week by week, the media covers stories of celebrities having breast surgery. Some celebrities flatly deny the procedure and some avoid the speculation completely blaming the change in their diet or lifestyle.

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi , a leading cosmetic surgeon comments that he has operated on and seen a lot of celebrities at his Harley Street clinic in central London but he never allows the media to know about celebrity or non-celebrity patients surgery.

Some celebrities such as Katie Price are certainly in no denial about having their breasts enlarged, and she is often pictured in the press with low cut tops on.

Katie Price (also known as Jordan), British actress/model/singer and author has acquired fame not only through her career but also through her various breast implants.

At the young age of 18 she had her first breast enhancement surgery increasing from a 32B to 32D. The reason she wanted bigger boobs was because when modelling, she did not feel as feminine and curvy as the other models.

Dr Ayham Al- Ayoubi comments, breast enlargement can make women feel much more feminine and gives women curves that she may not naturally have.In a lot of cases breast augmentation surgery can change a woman’s life, as they are given a new boost of self-confidence giving them more choice of clothes to wear and general happiness in their body shape.

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi comments: ‘As well as improving breast size, breast surgery procedures can help women who have had their breasts enhanced and reconstructed after breast cancer surgery due to cancer.’

In the media recently Michelle Heaton from Liberty X, who had re-constructive surgery in November after having both of her breasts removed. Michelle Heaton bravely chose to have a double mastectomy after discovering she was a carrier of the BRCA2 gene, meaning she was at very high risk of developing breast cancer and 30-40 per cent chance of developing ovarian cancer. The singer inherited the gene from her father, who himself discovered he was a carrier of BRCA2 two years ago

Michelle Heaton appeared on the Lorraine show on ITV to discuss her surgery. Michelle Heaton admitted she was initially scared to look at her reconstructed chest following the operation. Michelle Heaton has now reconstructed to her original 34C cup size.

She said: 'I was really apprehensive looking at them for the first time and when I first saw them, I burst into tears of relief because they're normal. They're my boobies.

'I was a bit spaced out after the operation. Over the two or three days afterwards I wasn't aware of what was going on. It was a week of hell.
'But if then, somebody would have told me how good I would feel now, I wouldn't have believed it. It really is all worth it.'

Michelle Heaton also discussed the moment she saw her reconstructed breasts for the first time, saying: "They are great – I was really apprehensive looking at them for the first time. I had built up an image in my mind. When I first saw them I just burst into tears with relief and realised they are normal.”

Dr Ayham Al Ayoubi comments on Michelle Heaton’s’ re-constructive breasts surgery. “Michelle was one of the unfortunate women to have her breasts remove due to cancer. However, the re-constructive surgery which was performed on Michelle has given fantastic results. This has had a hugely positive effect on her life and she has regained her confidence”

Reactions to the loss of a breast vary and not all women wish to have breast reconstruction. Every woman’s needs are different, and their outcome expectations are important to understand, Dr Ayham Al- Ayoubi says, ‘Reconstruction surgery can certainly have a positive effect on a woman’s life after cancer, improving self-image, self-confidence and quality of life’

Dr Ayham Al- Ayoubi believes that whatever the reason for the breast improvement may be, enlarging a naturally small breast, Restoring breast volume which is lost following pregnancy, as a result of breast-feeding or due to weight loss or achieve better symmetry when breasts are disproportionate in shape and size.

Dr Ayham Al -Ayoubi, a leading laser surgeon has now introduced a revolutionary Laser breast lifting technique, that doesn't involve knive. Instead, it uses a combination of laser and liposuction to lift and tighten the breasts.

The Scar-free Breast Lift is a pioneering technique using Smartlipo MPX or Smartlipo Triplex for breast enhancement, suitable for breast sizes A-D. This can lift a reported 3 to 4 cm lift, with minimal pain bruising or swelling, less downtime and quick and efficient results.

This could be an alternative option for a lot of young female patients in the future should they decide to have a breast lift procedure, and wish not to have major breast lift surgery which sometimes could be associated with post-surgical scars.

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