Breakthrough in Thyroid Health and Function, New Product Actalin™ Provides Natural Support

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Medix Select reports a new breakthrough product to provide natural support for thyroid health and function. According to David Brownstein, M.D., up to 60% of Americans suffer from some level of thyroid imbalance, making this an under-recognized epidemic.

This new product, called Actalin™, contains a... dozen more vitamins and minerals hand-picked for their thyroid and adrenal health support.

The butterfly-shaped thyroid gland weighs less than two ounces and produces only a teaspoon of thyroid hormone per year. Yet this hormone drives the metabolic rate of every cell in the body, 24 hours a day.

Thyroid function is so essential to good health that glitches with this tiny gland can negatively affect many different body systems, leading to a myriad of issues from weight gain to joint problems to heart health concerns.

And unfortunately, thyroid imbalance is much more frequent than most people realize. According to holistic medical physician David Brownstein, M.D., up to 60 percent of Americans suffer from abnormal thyroid function, making this an under-recognized epidemic.

What’s worse, millions of people don’t even realize they’re suffering from a thyroid problem. In the early stages of thyroid dysfunction, there may be no symptoms at all. And when symptoms do develop, they may be vague, such as fatigue, constipation, dry skin, headaches, joint pain, or mood changes.

Dr. Brownstein, medical director of the Center for Holistic Medicine in West Bloomfield, Mich., also reports that many people are mistakenly told by their own doctor that their thyroid is functioning normally based on the commonly used TSH test. No single test tells the whole story, he notes, and over-reliance on the TSH test may not reveal subtle thyroid imbalances. He recommends a full thyroid panel, along with a thorough medical history review and physical exam to rule out thyroid concerns.

Dr. Brownstein also asserts that, contrary to popular belief, Americans do not get enough iodine from iodized salt. He warns, “Iodized salt is a poor source of iodine — only 10 percent of iodine in salt is absorbed. Furthermore, a lack of dietary iodine is one of the primary reasons for this widespread thyroid dysfunction. My partners and I have examined more than 6,000 patients and found that over 95 percent are iodine deficient. It is impossible for the thyroid gland to make optimal amounts of thyroid hormone when iodine deficiency is present.”

Because of this rampant problem, Dr. Brownstein recently teamed up with premium nutritional supplement company Medix Select to create an all-natural supplement to support optimal thyroid health. This new product, called Actalin™, contains a strategic blend of 17 nutrients, including iodine, adrenal glandular powder, L-tyrosine, MSM, the ayurvedic herbs ashwagandha root extract and forskohlii root extract, plus a dozen more vitamins and minerals hand-picked for their thyroid and adrenal health support.

“We were pleased to be able to work with Dr. Brownstein to add this advanced thyroid support formula to our premium line of natural nutritional products,” said Ryan Clement, Vice President of Medix Select.

To celebrate the release of this breakthrough nutraceutical product, Actalin™, Medix Select is currently offering it at a 20 percent discount. Simply visit and enter the promo code ACTALIN when prompted at checkout.

About Medix Select: Medix Select is a manufacturer and distributor of premium nutritional supplements for better overall health and wellness, including formulas for optimal heart health, prostate health, joint health, thyroid health, brain health, and more. If you’d like more information on Medix Select, or any of their products, please visit or call 800-500-4325.

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