MinuteHound Has Annouced the Release of Advanced Fingerprint-Recognition Software

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Fingerprint recognition is the technology which allows employees to clock-in and out of work with a simple finger or thumb scan. MinuteHound has just released their latest version of the software.

Biometric Time Clock With Cloud Access

MinuteHound Cloud Based Attendance Software

Companies easily process time and attendance by monitoring employee arrivals and departures, even current workforce levels, at any location.

Responsibility for payroll accuracy and daily timekeeping operations places a recurring burden on management throughout a company. MinuteHound has released an advanced fingerprint-recognition-based software which turns time and attendance tracking into a simple routine and reliable matter.

MinuteHound's software removes much of the uncertainty and many of the daily issues which arise as workers clock in and out. Absolute identification by fingerprint eliminates "buddy punching" and other time-card and manual system issues. Time stamps from a highly accurate Internet time source allow employee identity to be recorded with the exact time of scanning.

Common attendance concerns such as early or late arrivals and departures are now indisputable. MinuteHound software identifies these and other issues and can send email or mobile device alerts immediately after the employee scan to let management know of potential issues.

Real time updating of scan data makes detailed, drill-down reports a useful tool for current and historical monitoring of workforce and employee hours and trends. As soon as an employee clocks-in or out, that time is available for viewing from any internet connection in the world.

Reports and alerts are produced by a set of servers located in various locations. A key to the MinuteHound difference, this "cloud-based" approach to software delivery simplifies timekeeping operations to the point where only a low-cost fingerprint scanner with self-loading support software is required at the company. The rest, including secure data storage and always-available cloud services, is MinuteHound's responsibility, provided at a cost of only pennies per employee per day.

The acquisition, decision, and installation of MinuteHound's system are both low-risk. It costs less than $100 for a fingerprint scanner. Very low operational costs make using MinuteHound a decision managers will easily and most certainly make.

As a company realizes the value of MinuteHound's offering, expansion to other departments and facilities is just a matter of ordering more fingerprint scanners and adding more employees to the system. Installation is simple since the device is connected to an existing Internet-connected PC such as a manufacturing floor computer, Point-of-Sale system, or office receptionist's PC.

USB extension cables allow the scanner to be located a convenient distance from the computer. MinuteHound support is available if needed, but most employees can install the fingerprint scanner quickly without issue. No IT skills are required, and neither is any type of training.

MinuteHound's cloud-based system provides worldwide Internet access to sophisticated reporting and alert capabilities. The accounting department can easily download highly accurate payroll data and track all employees' attendance. Confidence and cost savings are two main company-wide advantages of MinuteHound's advanced system.

Recurring responsibilities and concerns stemming from payroll and related operations virtually vanish with MinuteHound's advanced software. Using fingerprint recognition and other technologies, the uncertainty of existing time and attendance methods ends. Companies easily process time and attendance by monitoring employee arrivals and departures, even current workforce levels, at any location.

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