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The world's largest dating club in terms of members is raising its premium membership rates by 20% per month, effective from 22nd of March for new members.

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The # 1 millionaire Dating Site is betting that its customers won't mind paying 20 percent more to find a right person to date with. The world's largest dating club in terms of members is raising its premium membership rates by 20% per month. The increase starts from March 22nd, for new members, and kicks in starting for current members when they renew.'s hike affects about 2 million of members in the U.S. and Canada, including Northeast Ohioan residents who spend more time on dating sites to find their partners.

"I feel that the enhanced value of the MillionaireMatch membership over the past five years far exceeds increase in the membership fee levels, and it will continue to allow us to bring our members even greater value on everything we offer," MillionaireMatch's chief financial officer told analysts earlier this month.

Nichole, a premium Member from Boston who dates weekly to find a perfect match for her, said she has no problems paying an increased fee.

"My membership is paid for when I date and want to check someone's contact information. Whether it is a new member at MillionaireMatch, a rich man or anyone... the 20 percent increase will easily be offset," she said.

Galanti said the premium membership rates were last raised in Aug 2011.

About half of MillionaireMatch's members are Premium members, who account for more than two-thirds of its sales.

"Historically, when our membership fee structure has been higher than some of our competitors, that's never concerned us from the standpoint that we feel our membership and the value that we provide our member is a good value," Galanti said. "We didn't do it arrogantly. We did it thoughtfully and what we believe is modestly."

But customer service strategist Alex Irion warned that companies that raise their prices need to be careful not to lose sight of their customers., on the other hand, has a different business model than most and higher-income, customers who are less likely to quibble over a 20% increase. "Average $30 per person will be spent on MillionaireMatch every month," he said.

MillionaireMatch member Julie Michener of Minneapolis doesn't mind the increase. "20% more isn't going to break us," she said via e-mail.

Here are some new services which are provided to all of our members:

1. Advanced profile features

2. Enhanced search facility

3. Remove fake profiles

The team will return your investment by giving you a good partner, and good friends.

We hope our people will like us as earlier and we are looking for a more members on our portal to serve. If we get more members than there will be more options for them and they can find their choice in a short time period.

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