Dance Pizazz’s Shares Three Ways on How Dancing Can Help Prevent Back Pain

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Dance Pizazz wants to continue helping dancers overcome their back problems.

Ballroom Dance can help in the prevention and treatment of chronic back pain.

The average working American spends over eight hours slouched over a desktop and then a reported additional two to five hours slouched over a laptop at home on a given weekday. Constantly and subconsciously slouching builds tension in all the wrong places and creates bad posture, which in many can lead to back pain. One of the major reasons most experience chronic back pain is due to the loss of the natural curves of the spine, a cumbersome and costly health issue.

According to the Mayo Clinic (, having good posture requires that the body is balanced and that the core muscles are actively engaged in keeping the back straight: This can be achieved mainly through exercise, such as ballroom dance.

Dance Pizazz, the St. Louis area funnest, friendliest dance studio, recognizes the importance of good posture’s role in promoting healthy spinal integrity and is sharing tips on how dance is one of the best ways to prevent back pain (

1. Dancing promotes pelvic stability: The motions required for many of the Latin dances, such as Salsa and Cha-cha, actively contribute to pelvic stability. This type of dancing not only leads to better coordination –a key component in promoting overall spinal health- but also strengthens the muscles in the lower back, thus preventing injury.

2. Dancing works the core muscles: It’s a fact that having a strong core promotes better posture. Ballroom dance requires dancers of any level (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) to engage their core through fluid movement and technique. This reduces strain on the back and can keep the dancer from slouching.

3. Dancing leads to greater overall body awareness: ballroom dance engages the entire body in order to create the beautiful lines required of any movement. As a dancer becomes more positively self aware of their own body’s improved strength and flexibility, they are more likely to carry good posture on and off the dance floor.

Dance Pizazz is proud of its dancers and their healthy mind and body accomplishments acquired through the joys of ballroom dance. Good posture is just another way dancing can help the body stay strong and ward off health issues such as back pain. Check out to see other ways dancing can help in the prevention of injury and disease and how it’s helped many achieve their healthy body goals.

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