Beauty Supply Store, NewVo Beauty, Comments on Connection between Sweat and Hair Loss

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NewVo Beauty affirms that excess sweat could contribute to hair loss in response to an article published by Boldsky.

On April 2, Sara Greenstone, a spokesperson from online beauty supply store NewVo Beauty, releases a statement in response to a Boldsky article describing the relationship between sweat and hair loss.

According to Boldsky, sweating can have a negative effect on hair growth and shine. The article says sebaceous glands in hair follicles secrete sebum, natural waxy oil produced by the body. The sebum causes hair, usually roots, to become greasy. Other glands that contribute to sweat production are the eccrine and apocrine glands.

“In the summer, or during physical activity, your scalp sweats just like your skin,” Greenstone says. “Though sweating does not directly cause hair loss, the oil, sweat and dead skin cells combine to clog pores and prevent your scalp from breathing. While a little is healthy, excess sweat that’s not removed could cause infections that lead to hair loss. It’s important to maintain proper hygiene after sweating in the summer or after you work out.”

Greenstone says using a mild clarifying shampoo could help clean hair without fully stripping it of natural nutrients. “Many shampoos are harsh because they contain sulfates and other chemicals, she says. “I would recommend using a pH-balanced, sulfate-free shampoo infused with keratin or argan oil. These shampoos will not remove natural proteins and oils from your hair. Instead, they will put vitamins back into your hair and nourish it. You must also remember to limit hot water use, as this could dry out your scalp.”

Greenstone adds there are ways to avoid excess sweating during the summer months. “If you want to limit the amount of sweating, I would suggest brushing or combing hair often to air it out,” she says. “You could also use an alcohol-free dry shampoo when you don’t have time to shower. This will remove the excess oil from your hair. I would recommend a dry shampoo from Oscar Blandi, which is available at most beauty supply stores.”

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