Florida Brokerage Firm Offers Plan to Buy Houses Fast And "Full Price"

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Advanced Realty Team, Inc. yesterday announced the launch of a new program, entitled “Sell My Home Fast at Full Price.” The program comes when many home sellers can not sell fast at any price.

Advanced Realty Team, Inc. yesterday announced the launch of a new program, entitled “Sell My Home Fast at Full Price.” This is a new service offered by the Dunedin, FL boutique real estate brokerage firm which already offers a service to people who want to sell their house fast.

    “We have had the elements of this available for a long time, but we never had put it together in quite this way before,” said George Beardsley, Broker-President of Advanced.

    Sell My Home Fast at Full Price comes at a time when the majority of potential home sellers cannot sell quickly even at prices below what the sellers consider to be acceptable and 50 per cent or more below the highs price levels six years ago.

    “The new program also raises some interesting questions,” Beardsley said, “like what IS ‘full’ price and why are all the we buy houses people not offering a similar product?”

    Advanced defines “full price” as the current property assessment or current value on zillow.com minus the cost of serious structural repair not figured into either of those two prices.

    “Quite often the we buy houses people are looking to simply get a signed contract to buy a house hoping to be able to sell it before they actually “buy it,” Beardsley said.

    ”Obviously if the contract to buy from the homeowner is at full price, the we buy houses gals and guys have nowhere to go,” he said.

    One disadvantage to the home seller under that plan is if the home buyer cannot sell the house in the amount of time given in the contract; the home seller still has their original problem.

    “We are different from many of these people because we plan to use the homes we buy, often making them rentals,” Beardsley said.”

     Advanced Realty may eventually sell the homes, especially the rent to own homes, but Advanced is not buying with the intention of “flipping” the homes.

         “Of course the home owner could do the same thing, except I have found most folks do not want to be landlords, he said. “Our service is a variation that may be safer for the homeowner, since we take over the landlord function and risk”

    Beardsley said it is difficult to give a specific example because there are so many variables, but offered some thoughts on how it might work.

    “Say the house is ‘worth’ $100,000 on the property appraiser role and homes like it are selling in the range of $80,000 to $90,000. The typical we buy houses gal or guy will probably be offering $70,000 or lower so he or she can sell it to someone else around $80,000. We could buy it for $100,000 by making a cash down payment and monthly payments agreed to by the home seller,” Beardsley said.

    “We take over all responsibility for the house i.e. taxes, repairs, and all other expenses and rent or rent to own the house and since we have been doing that for two decades we do have years of experience,” he said.

         “Of course this is not an offer to buy a house I have never seen, but an example of how it could work,” he said.

    Advanced has a variety of other methods to buy houses fast, where the sellers pays no real estate commission and are able to get on with their lives.

    Recently, Advanced announced they would buy houses in foreclosure and houses where the mortgage was larger than the value of the house.

    Advanced Realty is a small boutique real estate brokerage firm that offers a service to people who want to sell a house in seven days by buying the house from them and then offering affordable housing with rental or rental to own programs.

    Advanced was founded in the early nineties by Maryan and George Beardsley, two stock brokers who had learned about creative ways to sell real estate when they bought a home in the path of plans to build a garbage burning incinerator.

     They moved from Boca Raton, where the house was located, leaving the home unsold and vacant.

        Their Realtor suggested creative financing and after selling that house at top dollar when other houses in the subdivision were not selling, they decided to leave stocks and bonds for houses.

    Advanced can buy houses for all cash, but is able to pay a higher price if the seller is willing to carry some of the financing to facility speed in closing and a higher sales price. The company has a number of programs to accomplish this sale and then offers the houses as affordable housing.

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