Osmia Organics Releases Ylang Spring Soap, Just As Spring Herself Arrives

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Osmia Organics, a new line of organic, handmade soaps, natural skin care, and natural perfumes, releases Ylang Spring Soap - a flirty and feminine soap for the spring season.

Osmia Organics has released Ylang Spring Soap to usher in the warmer weather. In tiny batches of 40 bars at a time, Osmia Organics produces this sweet-smelling soap by first creating a soap base of certified organic oils and butters (unfiltered extra-virgin olive, babassu, shea, and palm kernel) combined with sodium hydroxide, which starts the process of saponification. (For more about how soap is made, read this article about organic soap.) Each of the oils listed above is chosen for its excellent skin-softening properties, notably babassu and shea butter, which are both emollient and anti-inflammatory.

Then, organic coconut milk and botanical powders are added, to enhance moisturizing capabilities, and to achieve the color of the final bar. The color changes drastically throughout the process of this particular soap's incubation: after about an hour, the soap turns a deep, translucent navy blue, and then a chalky grey blue, and finally the dusky, purple Ylang Spring emerges. Once in the mold, the soap is left to continue its chemical transformation over the next 24-48 hours, after which it is removed and allowed to cure for 8 weeks.

The essential oils used in this bar (no synthetic fragrance is used in Osmia soaps) are uplifting and calming. Wild-harvested Balsam of Peru essential oil is said to help relieve nervousness, and is also helpful in soothing dry, chapped, or eczema-prone skin. Organic Sweet Orange essential oil is enlivening as well, and is used widely in aromatherapy to treat depressive symptoms. And Ylang Ylang essential oil, sweet and sedative, can help alleviate feelings of anxiety and anger. Osmia's founder, Dr. Sarah Villafranco, says "this scent grabs me every time I walk past the soap curing rack", making her slow down her stride and feel instantly more relaxed.

This organic bar soap will increase moisture retention in the skin, and diminish flaky, dry scales - frequently worse during seasonal weather transitions. Ylang Spring is best kept on a soap saver, sold on Osmia Organics' website, rather than in a soap dish that can collect water and soften the bar.

To read more about Ylang Spring soap, or to purchase, please visit http://www.osmiaorganics.com.

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