Reducing Football Related Injuries to the Neck and Spine, Presented by the Football Safety Academy Advisor, Dr. Jason Moore DC, Upper Cervical Specialist

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The Football Safety Academy's Advisor and Upper Cervical Specialist Dr. Jason Moore support the "Hulk Up" technique in protecting young athletes from critical injury to their neck and spine. Introduced by the Football Safety Academy, The “Hulk Up” technique aids in protecting the neck from whiplash and concussive injury by distributing the impact force into the safety pads, protecting the spine and central nervous system during football impact.

The Football Safety Academy ( understands the importance of protecting the neck and spine for all football players, regardless of level or age. The mission of the Football Safety Academy is to promote athlete safety through public education and awareness on how the "Hulk Up" technique can be instrumental in protecting young athletes from harm or injury during impact.

Dr Jason Moore BA, HBK, DC (Revive Upper Cervical, San Ramon, CA) is an upper cervical specialist who has trained elite athletes and understands the importance of protecting football players from critical injuries to the central nervous system and spine. The upper cervical complex consists of the top two bones in the neck that surround and protect the vitally important brain stem, which influences all aspects of health and overall function through the central nervous system. Injury to this area can result in a number of health related complications, from minor headaches to more serious neurological issues such as vertigo/dizziness, muscle weakness and even paralysis.

The "Hulk Up" technique "combines the body's natural protective reflex mechanism or flinch reaction to stabilize the helmet tightly into the shoulder pads, like a turtle retracting its neck into its shell. Dr Moore explains, “the ‘Hulk Up’ technique transfers the impact blow through the helmet into the shoulder pads, and has the potential to greatly reduce the risk of severe injury to the neck and spine, reducing long term damage to the central nervous system and upper cervical complex."

In addition, Dr Moore notes the "Hulk Up" technique "drastically reduces the whiplash effect during contact by bracing the muscles surrounding the skull, neck, and upper cervical complex. This stabilizes the spine during impact and reduces the total amount of force placed into the joints, minimizing the potential for injury to this sensitive and vitally important area." Dr Moore further explains, “protection is provided by locking the helmet into the shoulder pads, distributing extra compressive and lateral forces away from the neck and into the safety equipment.”

The Football Safety Association promotes a proactive approach for athlete protection to reduce the risk of injuries to the neck and spine and firmly encourages the football industry to share the “Hulk Up” technique with all levels of the sport. “When considering a concussion or worse can occur in as little as 15 milliseconds, not sharing this information would be a critical mistake” states Lee Becker, Director of the Football Safety Academy, a not for profit organization (

For more information including video about the “Hulk Up” technique and how it protects the neck and spine visit or email FootballSafetyAcademy(at)aol(dot)com. You can also read more about Dr Jason Moore at

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