Divine Success? Movieguide® Founder Explains "The Bible."

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Success of THE BIBLE Has Hollywood Scratching Its Head, But It’s No Puzzle to Christian Media Guru Dr. Ted Baehr

The success of the History Channel’s THE BIBLE miniseries has Hollywood wondering, but it’s no puzzle to Dr. Ted Baehr, founder and chairman of the Christian Film & Television Commission®, a nonprofit advocacy ministry.

For 21 years, Dr. Baehr and his team have been studying the reasons behind the success of the most popular movies and television programs. Year in and year out, their Annual Report to the Entertainment Industry shows that the most popular entertainment is entertainment that’s more family friendly and that promotes, in an inspiring way, traditional biblical values, especially Christian ones.

“What can be more biblical than a TV miniseries that uplifts the Bible, Moses, and Jesus Christ, rather than tears them down?” Baehr asked.

The Commission’s 2013 report, released last February, found that 60% of the Top 10 Movies released in 2012 in the U.S. and Canada and 70% of the Top 10 Movies release in 2012 overseas had strong or very strong Christian, redemptive worldviews or content.

“Those kinds of movies also made the most money per movie,” Baehr noted.

The report also showed that family-friendly movies with no foul language and no explicit sex or nudity also made the most money in the United States, with the least family-friendly movies with the most obscene content earning the least amount of money per movie.

“THE BIBLE’s high ratings show that TV viewers also want to see entertainment with strong Christian, biblical values,” Baehr said.

He also noted that, since the Christian Film & Television Commission (http://www.cftvc.org) nominated the CBS series, NCIS, for an award at its 2012 Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala, the series has become the top-rated program on all of TV, increasing its ratings 13.9%.

“Our reports can’t be ignored,” Baehr said. “THE BIBLE miniseries is so successful that it’s almost single-handedly proving that all of our reports are true. People want family-friendly entertainment with Christian, biblical content and values.”

Dr. Baehr founded the Christian Film & Television Commission® and its sister organization, Movieguide®: The Family Guide to Movies and Entertainment, in 1985.

“Parents want to know more details about movies and television programs,” Baehr said. “They want to know how much swearing it has, what the religious and political worldview of the movie is, and if there are any messages they are trying to teach or not teach their children. The mass media of entertainment has a remarkable impact on all of us, children most of all. We want to give parents the tools to know what they’re getting into before they step foot into a movie theater or turn on the TV.”

Dr. Ted Baehr is no stranger to Hollywood. With parents in the entertainment industry, Baehr grew up with first-hand knowledge of theater and film, and eventually went on to study and teach TV and film at the City University of New York, UC Berkeley, and other institutions.

Movieguide® (http://www.movieguide.org) and the Commission’s Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala has been attended by some of the best in Hollywood including Jennifer Lawrence, Chuck Norris, Sam Raimi, Jim Caviezel, and many others.

Dr. Baehr is the co-author with legendary entertainer Pat Boone of “The Culture-Wise Family” (Crossway Books) and the author of “The Media-Wise Family” (WND Books). He is the founder of Good News Communications, the parent company of Movieguide® and the Christian Film & Television Commission® ministry.

Good News Communications is a nonprofit organization dedicated to “redeeming the values of mass media by influencing media executives and by informing and equipping the public about the influence of the mass media on the culture, especially the hearts and minds of children.”

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