Tony Nestora, Founder of Back Up Better,llc Was A Guest Speaker On WROL 950AM In Boston

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Tony Nestora spoke extensively with show host John Paul, a VP at AAA, about the frequency and severity of "Back Over" Accidents that occur over 50 times every week.

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50 times EVERY WEEK a parent or relative "Backs Over" a child in a driveway or parking lot, often fatally.

John Paul, a VP of AAA has a weekly radio show on WROL 950AM in Boston which focuses on cars and vehicle safety issues. Tony Nestora, a vehicle safety expert spoke extensively about "Back Over" accidents on his show this past Saturday morning. Based on data supplied by the Dept. of Tranportation and more than 50 times EVERY WEEK a parent or relative "Backs Over" a young child in a driveway or parking lot, often fatally. While this number of back over accidents every week is shocking, there are thousands of other non-fatal back over accidents that just cause property damage that go unreported.

The accidents reported, over 50 every week, usually are reported because they involve a serious injury or a fatality. Back UP Better's sources also report that there has not been a fatal back over accident involving a vehicle equipped with a BackUp Camera, now available as an option or even standard equipment on new cars. So who then is causing all of these Back Over accidents? It's the other 80-90 Million SUV's, station wagons, minivans, and crossovers sold over the last 20 years, driving around with no rearward vision aids at all. That's the problem. Mr. Nestora offered a solution. As founder of Back Up Better, llc, Mr. Nestora has become a vehicle safety expert and his company, whose website is, sells vehicle safety products. Specifically, their main product is a type of fresnel lens that acts like a diffuser/magnifying lens.

The importance of these inexpensive and very effective lenses is the fact that they let people see into their "Blind Zone", that 14-50 feet right behind those types of vehicles where all the accidents occur- it DOUBLES your rearward vision. While it is possible to have a BackUp Camera retrofitted to an older car, it requires professional installation and can be cost prohibitive. Installing a BackUp Camera usually costs from $200-500. The Back Up Better lens costs $15, is very easy to install by yourself, very effective, and they work almost as well as a BackUp Camera. John Paul, of AAA, pointed out he has heard of alot of back over accidents involving "stuff" - bicycles, tricycles, toys, fire hydrants, guard rails, and more. Mr. Nestora pointed out those are the types of back over accidents that are not reported and there are many thousands of them every year. In addition, Mr. Nestora mentioned at, they also sell add-on blind spot mirrors which are now coming as standard equipment on many new cars.

Effectively, the government and the auto industry have conceded these blind zones, and on the side of vehicles, these blind spots are a serious problem. The Dept. of Transportation has now mandated all new cars starting with model year 2014 come with some type of visual aids for drivers, the backup camera being the most common. The mission of Back Up Better is to address these vision problems for that 80-90 Million other vehicles sold over the last 20 years so they can become safer and dramatically reduce or even eliminate the chances you may have a back over accident too!

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