Appliance Direct is Now the Exclusive Florida Dealer for Century Air Conditioning: "The Twelve Year System"

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Appliance Direct has partnered with Century to bring its customers a better central A/C experience this summer.

Century HVAC

Industry leading 12 year warranty on their Central A/C systems.

How Central A/C Works

     Air conditioners have three main components: the compressor, the condenser, and the evaporator coil. With these components, R-410A Freon refrigerant is converted from a gas, to a liquid and back to gas. Over the course of this cycle hot air inside the home is transferred outside and cold air is pumped inside.

    It starts when the compressor puts a high amount of pressure on the Freon gas which squeezes the molecules of Freon closer together, causing them to heat. The Freon is now in the form of a hot, high-pressure gas and is transferred to the condenser. Once in the condenser, the Freon releases its heat where a fan draws air from outside through slats surrounding the outdoor chassis and across the hot condenser coil. This draws the heat away from the condenser and transfers it outside and cools the refrigerant inside the coil.

    As it leaves the condenser, the gas is much cooler and has changed from a gas to a high pressure liquid. It flows in copper tubing inside the home and through an expansion valve, in which the liquid expands as it loses pressure and temperature. From there it flows into the evaporator coil where it evaporates and absorbs heat from air blown over an indoor coil by a fan. As this happens, moisture and humidity are absorbed from the air inside the indoor coil and is collected and drained away. The Freon, which is now a low-pressure gas, returns to the condenser and the cycle is repeated again.

    A heat pump is very similar to a normal air conditioning unit. The main difference is that it includes a valve that allows it to reverse the cycle, turning the cool air into hot air. When the valve is switched one way, the heat pump acts like an air conditioner, and when it is switched the opposite way it reverses the flow of the liquid inside the heat pump and acts like a heater.

Why Consider Century Central A/C?


  •     Industry leading 12 year warranty on their Central A/C systems.
  •     All aluminum micro-channel coils for maximum corrosion resistance.
  •     A louvered metal jacket of galvanized steel with a polyester urethane finish that protects the coil.
  •     A high pressure switch that automatically protects the system from excessively high pressures.
  •     A restart time delay that can eliminate common causes of compressor failures including those from power outages.
  •     Composite base pan collects the humidity gathered from the air in your home, drains it and is corrosion resistant.
  •     Heavy duty scroll compressors are designed for long lifespan and efficiency.
  •     A heavy duty grille assembly is designed for maximum air flow. It makes for quiet operation and easy access.

Air Handler

  •     Multi-position design for flexible installation: can be installed in upflow, downflow, horizontal or vertical positions depending on what you need.
  •     The drain pan is made of a unique, durable and anti-corrosive polymer.
  •     Micro-channel A-Coil is an all-aluminum micro-channel coil that features top-of-the-line corrosion resistance as it evaporates the Freon refrigerant.
  •     Multi-speed fan offers you the greatest flexibility.
  •     An advanced circuit board incorporates a blower time delay relay, a low voltage terminal strip and heat strip sequencing to coordinate all functions with the most efficiency.
  •     1” high density insulation encapsulates the blower compartment to reduce blower motor sound and prevents the cabinet from sweating under heavy operation.
  •     All components can be easily accessed when service is needed. The built in filter rack makes it easy to replace the air filter.
  •     A heavy duty galvanized steel cabinet has a poly-urethane finish for maximum corrosion protection.
  •     An electric heat plug-in is available to match any size system.

All Century A/C units from Appliance Direct have a 12 year parts warranty. While the industry standard is 10 years, these new machines from Century take it a step further. The humidity and heat in Florida causes extra wear on your A/C unit, so choosing a brand that uses quality parts with a longer warranty is essential.

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