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Snuggle up and buckle up with SeatPets!

SeatPets are the best solution for dangling heads and sore necks and are perfectly designed to provide children with comfort and a pillow during long car rides.

Reviews about SeatPets are now made available…

Studies have shown over and over that the benefits of a stuffed animal are immeasurable. They teach children to be nurturing and more independent, provide kids with attention and a tool for social interaction and, as many people know, they provide a calming comfort for all. Few things are more soothing than snuggling up with a cuddly stuffed animal.

Comfort was exactly what Amber Roback wanted to provide her children with when she invented SeatPets. After countless times of looking in her rearview mirror on long car rides and seeing her children’s head dangling and bobbing around with every bump in the road, Roback needed to find a solution – SeatPets. This stuffed animal can easily attach to any seatbelt and has an oversized head which provides children with a pillow to catch their sleepy head in the car.

A Closer Look at SeatPets

SeatPets are the best solution for dangling heads and sore necks and are perfectly designed to provide children with comfort and a pillow during long car rides. They have a long, skinny body with velcro straps that can be simply attached and detached from any seatbelt. This gives children a cushion between the irritating seatbelt and their sensitive skin. SeatPets also have a uniquely large head. This is perfect for when children doze off on long car rides. Rather than looking in the rear-view mirror to see their head flopping around, buckle them in with a SeatPet that will provide them with a pillow to rest their head.

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SeatPets come in a variety of animal choices from Edsel the Monster to Mercedes the Cat. Each of the seven companions is fun and special in its own way. They are available for just $19.99 plus processing and handling. There is currently a special offer for a free backpack strap when you order any SeatPet of your choice.

As a mother and pediatrician, Gail McDonald knows all the secrets. “Between the rhythmic motion of the car and the low hum of the engine, car rides always put my children to sleep. They would nap with their head banging against the window or just dangling uncomfortably. Now that they each have SeatPets, they are comfortable for the duration of the ride. It provides them with seatbelt cover and a pillow!”

What are the Added Bonuses to SeatPets

Although they are known for uniquely provided comfort during car rides, SeatPets have much more to offer. These car companions can make wearing a seatbelt more enjoyable and encourage children to pick up with healthy habit of buckling-up. They also have numerous pockets, some with zippers. Rather than having to reach behind you to hand your children toys or snacks, the pockets provide a storage place to make their little trinkets easily accessible.

Because of their velcro strap, the benefits of SeatPets go beyond car rides. They can be used as playmates or cuddly stuffed animals at night. Because SeatPets can be taken everywhere, it is important to note that they are even machine washable!

Michelle Leahy, mother of 4 young children, explained, “SeatPets easily fasten to the seatbelt ending the era of seatbelt irritation and provide children with a pillow to rest their heads. They also have pockets, where my children store their toys and treasures.” She went on to admit, “I even used one to nap on a long car-ride and it was fantastic.”

What Are The Pitfalls to SeatPets?

There are very few negatives to SeatPets. Few people have commented on the SeatPet’s long skinny body – most stuffed animals have fat, fluffy bodies which make them cuddlier, especially at night. Having a skinnier body is definitely worth it when you consider that no other stuffed animal can provide comfort in the car comparable to the SeatPets. Without the skinny body, SeatPets would not be able to attach to seatbelts and easily provide a pillow for car rides.

Overall, customers have very pleased with SeatPets. They are more versatile than most stuffed animals and can be played with, slept with at night, and a companion to make car rides more enjoyable.

After buying her daughter a SeatPet for Christmas, Gina Anderson informed us that “SeatPets aren’t just for the car; they have become valued playmates in our home. With their velcro strap they are easy to transport back into the house for a nighttime full of snuggles.”

Where Can I Order SeatPets

Gail McDonald also said, “I sincerely recommend the SeatPets and personally intend to give them as birthday gifts. If you have little ones in your home or on your gift list, I wholeheartedly recommend SeatPets as the perfect present. They will be perfect for Memorial Day traveling or summer road trips. You can learn more and order at”

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