Attorney Charles Boyk Highlights Teen Driver Tips During Distracted Driving Awareness Month

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April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month and Attorney Charles Boyk would like to stress the importance of preventing teens from being distracted while behind the wheel with 5 safety tips for parents.

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, sponsored by the National Safety Council, and it brings attention to the dangers of multitasking while behind the wheel. Attorney Charles Boyk would like to bring special attention toward teen drivers, and the safety tips parents can relay to them.

“Teenagers might think they’re invincible at times, but that’s definitely not the case when they’re on the roadways. Since April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, it is the perfect time to bring attention to the safety tips parents should promote to keep their teens safe.”

The National Safety Council provides five steps to help reduce the number of teenage drivers that get into accidents.

1. Set a Nighttime Driving Restriction – The NSC recommends banning your teen from driving after 10 pm if they do not have supervision.
2. Set a Passenger Restriction – According to the NSC, there should be zero passengers under the age of 18 in a teenage driver’s car during their first year of driving. Attorney Boyk feels very strongly about this tip, as others in the car can create a distraction. “We know that having passengers in the car can create a huge distraction for drivers, teens especially. They need to first get comfortable behind the wheel before they begin acting as a chauffeur for their friends,” explained Boyk.
3. Ban Cell Phone Use While Driving – Ohio law restricts teens from driving while using the cell phone, or any other technological device. It is important for parents to set an example for their children when it comes to this issue. For adults in Ohio, it is against the law to text and drive, but not hold a conversation on their cell phone. The NSC explains that even talking on a hands-free device still creates a significant distraction for drivers, and if parents lead by example and refrain from using their phone in the car, their teen will be more likely to follow.
4. Prohibit Alcohol – this may seem like a no-brainer for parents, but drinking and driving is a major problem among teenagers. Stress the importance of the zero tolerance law, and lead by example for your teen.
5. Make Safety Belts Mandatory – Teach your teen that a seatbelt should always be worn. This is something that you can begin to teach at a young age and is a habit that will stick with them forever. Also, wear a seatbelt yourself in the car so they can see that it is a necessary step to take when getting behind the wheel.

Attorney Charles Boyk would like all parents to ensure that they promote all of the above safety tips to their teens. “By teaching our teens the correct safety measures to take when behind the wheel, and also by following the same guidelines as parents, we can significantly reduce the number of accidents among teenagers.”

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