Quorn Foods, Purveyor of Meatless Meals, Applauds Meat-Reduced Mushroom Burgers

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Following the publication of a recent New York Times article listing meat-reduced burger recipes, Quorn Foods issues a response.

On April 9, Quorn Foods, the developer of innovative meat-substitute products, offers their response to a New York Times article discussing many people's desire to eat less meat without committing to a regime of fully meatless meals.

A recent article in The New York Times’ “Recipes for Health” series discusses the fact that many Americans today are looking to reduce their meat intake and live a healthier lifestyle, but aren’t willing to convert to vegetarianism. Author Martha Rose Shulman points out, however, that “[t]here are many ways to cut down your meat intake and increase your vegetable consumption without becoming a vegetarian.”

“Some of America’s biggest food service companies are committed to increasing vegetable consumption, but they don’t want to lose their meat-loving customers, so they are figuring out ways to create dishes with less meat that are still appealing,” says Shulman. “You may face this challenge in your own family; you want everybody to cut down on meat consumption, but they love their burgers.”

In the article Shulman provides two recipes of Scott Samuel, a chef instructor at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa, California. Samuel presented the burger recipes at the World of Healthy Flavors conference in January. Samuel’s recipes use only two to three ounces of meat per serving with mushroom serving the difference.

Shulman notes that the mushroom base will keep for up to three days in the refrigerator, making it an easy, ready-made product to augment and reduce the total meat content in carnivorous dishes that “looked, smelled, acted and tasted like a burger.”

David Wilson, Quorn Foods representative, applauds the popular drive toward meat reduction. “This is exactly the kind of lifestyle shift our company tries to support. We designed Quorn products to offer a sustainably-grown, nutritious meat substitute that replicates all the flavor and textural experience of eating meat. This allows non-vegetarians to create easy, meatless meals using recipes they already know and love. If more people focused on creative ways to reduce their meat intake, we could all be living healthier lives.”

Looking for a healthy alternative to meat? Unlike other meat-alternative manufacturers, Quorn uses mycoprotein: a healthy, naturally occurring alternative protein source that replicates the taste and texture of meat, while being significantly lower in saturated fats and calories. Quorn Foods offer a wide range of products, including ready-to-serve meals, snacks, and food for your barbecue -- as well as ingredients to make your own nutritious, meat-free dishes from scratch. The wonderful taste of Quorn's meatless meals lets you experience the foods you love without sacrificing nutrition.


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