ITN Distribution, Inc. Arrives in Cannes, France with a Full Slate of Films for the 50th Anniversary of MIPTV

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ITN Distribution attends MIPTV in Cannes, France.

ITN Distribution Inc. (ITN) today began pitching their exciting new Lineup for the 2013 MIPTV, taking place, April 8-11 in Cannes, France. ITN will be among the 1,600 exhibitors conducting sales at a furious pace with over 100 first run films available.

Noteworthy talent includes: Danny Glover, Danny Trejo, Paul Sorvino, Tony Todd, Bruce Davison, Peter Greene, Kevin Corrigan, Tom Sizemore, Piper Perabo, Ed Asner, Stacy Keach, Steven Bauer, Corey Feldman, Corey Haim, Daniel Baldwin, Hector Jimenez, C. Thomas Howell, Kevin P. Farley, John Heard, Patrick Kilpatrick, Tom Arnold, Bai Ling, Heather Burns, Robert Prescott, Ella Rae Peck, Peter Vack, Michael Berryman and Finola Hughes.

ITN President Stuart Alson commented, “I am thrilled to have a presence at MIPTV; this market has become a very important platform to connect with the top players and sell fresh content for the TV market.” Alson continued, “I am very pleased with our pre-market negotiations and impressed with the range of targeted networking events and innovative conferences and expect plenty of action in our booth.”

SINS: 90min. Action/Thriller. Complete.
Two ex-gangsters meet on a high-speed train to Sicily. SINS features an all-star international cast including Danny Glover and was shot entirely on location in Italy.

ZERO DARK DIRTY: 90 min. Complete.
The biggest movie of the year gives birth to the biggest spoof of the year...Zero Dark Dirty.
Cast: Corey Feldman (Lost Boys, The Goonies, Stand By Me), Daniel Baldwin (Homicide: Life on the Streets, Vampires, Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man), Frank Stallone (Rocky, Rocky 2, Rocky 3), Mark Metcalf (Animal House, The Stupids), Alexander Loy and Larry Thomas (Seinfeld).

POPULATION 2: 90min. Sci-Fi. Complete.
Set against the backdrop of a post-Apocalypse Earth, Population 2 is about a relationship that ends in tragedy forcing a woman to struggle in the aftermath.

THE BILL COLLECTOR: 93 min. Action. Complete. Uncle Frankie (Danny Trejo) isn't the kind of guy you would want to meet in a dark alley. Especially when you owe him money and have been giving him the slip for a few years.
Cast: Danny Trejo, Brandon Hardesty, Gary Moore and Ron Kenoly

GOD DON’T MAKE THE LAWS: 100 min. Drama. Complete.
Does time exist when nothing changes? That is the question for the picturesque Village of Rockwell, where time has frozen. Nobody gets sick; nobody ages, and nobody dies due to a tragic bus crash that took the lives of the 1977 undefeated Rockwell High School Basketball Team.
Cast: Ella Rae Peck (Gossip Girl, Deception, 'The Call' with Halle Berry), Paul Sorvino (Goodfellas, Nixon), Robert Prescott (Burn After Reading, Michael Clayton), Peter Vack (CBGB) and Oscar nominee and Golden Globe Winner Bruce Davison (Short Cuts, Longtime Champion, X-Men and X2).

THUGZ: 90 min. Action/Thriller. Complete. Long-time pals Antonio, John, Jimmy and Little Mikey have known each other since growing up together in the Brooklyn hood. Out on the town one night, they cross paths with low-level gangster Carlo Morello and a dispute arises. If they can't hustle their way out - they'll pay the ultimate price...but the mean streets of Brooklyn are more brutal than they ever imagined.
Cast: Peter Greene (Pulp Fiction, The Mask), Kevin Corrigan (Pineapple Express), Arthur Nascarella (Sopranos), Federico Castellucio (Sopranos), David Dastmalchian (The Dark Knight), Jeremy Luke (Don Jon's Addiction, Jersey Shore Shark Attack) and Krista Ayne.

THE OUIJA EXPERIMENT: 90 min. Horror. Complete.
A group of friends play with a Ouija board and record it. The footage they captured cannot be explained.
Cast: Justin Armstrong, Dave Clark, Miranda Martinez, Carson Underwood and Eric Window.

KNOCKDOWN: 90 min. Complete. A former American boxer now exiled in Bangkok, is forced to confront his violent past after meeting a mysterious fight fan from his hometown.
Cast: Tom Arnold, Bai Ling and Casey Evans.

THE LEGENDS OF NETHIAH: 93min. Sci-Fi/Action/Fantasy. Complete.
A grandfather introduces his grandson to a fantasy world of creatures and science-fiction.
Cast: John Heard (Home Alone, Home Alone 2, Prison Break), Theresa Russell (Spider Man 3, Eureka, The Last Tycoon), Robert Picardo (Star Trek, Total Recall, Stargate: Atlantis) and Julie Michaels (Titanic, Batman Forever).

THE RED CORVETTE: 90 min. Thriller. Complete.
Cindy Reese, a high school senior, meets Bella Fagone, an extremely sultry, yet emotionally volatile daughter of a reputed mob boss. Watch as Bella introduces her new-found protégé to the seedy and oftentimes dangerous world of her NYC night life, a world filled with sex, drugs, and eventually cold-blooded murder.
Cast: Valerie Bauer, Catherine Mesa, Vinny Vella and Brian Anthony Wilson.

RICKY: 90 min. Action. Complete. An homage to Rocky.
Cast: Matt Markey, Sabrina Bolin, Jessica Manuel, Ernest Heinz (J. Edgar, Resident Evil video games), and Reila Aphrodite (Tokyo Raiders).

CELLMATES: 85min. Comedy Drama. Complete.
Leroy Lowe (Tom Sizemore), grand dragon of the Texas Ku Klux Klan confronts everything he's been taught to hate when he's sentenced to three years of hard labor on a prison work farm, where Warden Merville (Stacy Keach), dead set on rehabilitating Leroy, chooses Emilio (Hector Jimenez), a Hispanic field worker imprisoned for fighting for labor rights, to be his cell-mate.
Cast: Stacy Keach (The Bourne Legacy), Hector Jimenez (Nacho Libre), Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan, Heat, Black Hawn Down) and Kevin P. Farley (Farley Brothers, The Waterboy).

TERMINAL: 98 min. Thriller. Complete.
Don Malick isn't the usual tenant found in the skid row hotels of downtown L.A. Grief-stricken since the murder of his fiancée Katherin, the successful screenwriter-turned murderous vigilante is bent on revenge against studio head Stanley Glissberg, the man cleared of murder charges in Katherin's death. Corey Haim's Final Film.
Cast: Corey Haim, Stephen Geoffreys (Fright Night, 976 Evil), Tiffany Shepis (Cyrus) and Ezra Buzzington (Fight Club).

THE FAMILY: 90 min. Thriller. Complete.
It’s hard for a family to stay together when killing is in their blood!
Cast: Tony Todd (Candyman, The Man From Earth, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Final Destination, Call of Duty: Black Ops II), Michael Berryman (The Devil's Rejects, The Hills Have Eyes, One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest), Kane Hodder (Monster, Jason X, Friday the 13th VII, VIII, Ed Gein), Angie Savage, Katie Parker (Absentia), Joe Hollow and Mark Hanson.

ASHES: 90min. Drama. Complete.
Ashes are the story of a young man who struggles in the inner city of New York to support himself and his mentally ill older brother. When a group of small time gangsters offer Ashes an easy road to wealth, he pursues them with vigor. With his brother's health on the decline and Ashes on a steady path towards hardcore crime, Ashes must try to choose the correct path.
Cast: Piper Perabo (star of Covert Affairs, Looper, The Prestige), Ajay Naidu (NBC's Lateline, Office Space, Requiem for a Dream, The Wrestler), Heather Burns (HBO's Bored to Death, NBC's Twenty Good Years, Miss Congeniality), Faran Tahir (Iron Man, Star Trek, Charlie Wilson's War, The Tomb, Elysium) and Melissa De Sousa (BET's Reed Between the Lines).

DRIVING BY BRAILLE: 89 min. Drama. Complete.
Sarah Corso is deeply afraid of turning out like her mother who had the progression of love, marriage, kids, etc. right up until the day she suffered a psychotic break down.
Cast: Daytime Emmy Award Nominee Tammin Sursok (Pretty Little Liars, The Young and the Restless, Aquamarine), Finola Hughes (General Hospital, Like Crazy, Daytime Emmy Award Winner), Steven Bauer (Scarface, Golden Globe Nominee), Ryan Eggold (upcoming film: The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby w/ Jessica Chastain, I Will Follow You in the Dark), Golden Globe Nominee Andrea Marcovicci (The Front) and Manu Intiraymi (Go, J. Edgar).

WEDDING DAY: 92 min. Thriller. Complete.
Two young couples plan to make their wedding day one they will never forget. They just never believed a joyous occasion can suddenly turn to one of tragedy.
Cast: C. Thomas Howell (ET, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Outsiders), David Koechner (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Get Smart), Stephanie Drapeau, Brandon Molale (Gangster Squad), Lisa Ann Walter (The Parent Trap) and Patrick Kilpatrick (Minority Report, Last Man Standing, Under Siege 2).

ITN has attended MIPTV and other premiere international markets including Cannes, AFM, MIPCOM, NATPE and EFM for over a decade. With an expanded library of over 100 titles, ITN has worked hard to shape a realistic approach to independent film distribution in territories worldwide. Trailers for this year’s MIPTV can be viewed at

To schedule an appointment during MIPTV, please email VP Nicole Holland at meetings(at)itndistribition(dot)com. A full catalog of ITN titles and trailers can be viewed at For any media requests, please email Briege McGarrity at bmcgarritypr(at)gmail(dot)com.


About ITN Distribution Inc. - Founded by entertainment impresario Stuart Alson in 2001, ITN distribution has become a leading independent film distribution company, known to buyers worldwide. Over the past 12 years, it has established itself as a major player in the world of distribution and specializes in negotiating the best deal possible for their clients. ITN’s objective is to become a top source for attracting, acquiring, understanding and selling product.

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