"What's so Great About Vectors" - Vector Art Graphics Launches New Tutorials: Learn How to Use Vector EPS Files.

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Many people don't know what differentiates vector files from other image files. In order to improve this Vector Art Graphics are launching a new tutorial series.

Vector Art Graphics: One file, many options.

Vector Art Graphics: One file, many options.

In my dealings with clients the number one thing that draws them to vector illustrations is "artist style", which is, that wonderfully organic touch we all add to that mathematical format vector, and like a finger print it is unique to each artist.

Searching for pictures, often one can see the search options: “vectors”. Vectors are illustrations made in special software programs, like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and others. While pictures are made of pixels and are limited in size, vectors use a different technology, and can be scaled up infinite.

Many people are confused about vector files, and Vector Art Graphics are happy to launch a new series of tutorials. The aim is to educate image buyers on vector topics, helping them use vectors to their full potential.

Let’s say a designer needs an image for an article about educating children. The designer wants it to be positive, simple and nice, and choose the vector image attached. The vector is called Kids with hands up and it’s created by Kimscreativehub. It is easy to change this vector file to many different files, to remove or add elements and colors.

The tutorial also offers information about why vectors are priced like a high-res image. Customers can read about how vectors are only sold as original files, at $19.50 each, or in image deals for as low as $3.20 each. What makes the difference is the quality the image will have at different sizes. While for web use, the image will look fine if one buy the small/medium size, one will need a larger image for print or other design projects. The best option is to go for the large version, namely the original vector.

Scaling pictures, pixels often show in larger prints. This ruins the design, looks unprofessional and must be avoided. One does not want a poster with large pixel squares, or a blurry design.

Luckily there is an easy and affordable solution to the problems with large-scale and pixels. With an original vector file one can print the illustration to the size of a skyscraper and it will look perfect, - no pixels in sight.

Printing a vector graphics file, from business cards to outdoor billboards, the quality will always be perfect.

To summarize, what’s so great about vectors? They will look good no matter the size one needs to print them in. Even for smaller designs, such as a T-shirt, a greeting card or an A3 poster, it’s recommended to use the vector version of an illustration, in order to avoid seeing the pixels.

Vectors offer even more advantages. One doesn’t have to an expert in order to recolor, transform, combine or use them in a personal way. Just open them in a vector software and play. Attached are some examples, using the same vector file and Illustrator.

And to learn more about these topics, visit Vector Art Graphics new tutorial!

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