Düsseldorf Airport: A New Identity for the Airport that Connects Seamlessly

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Düsseldorf Airport launches corporate image campaign, introducing new airport logo and name.

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Düsseldorf Airport has become an attractive hub over the past years. A fresh, new corporate logo reflects this positive development.

Düsseldorf Airport – It is an airport that, in a dynamic industry, evolved into a hub over the past years. It now offers more than 110 weekly intercontinental connections. It is a modern service provider. Moreover, it is one of the most significant markers of North Rhine Westphalia’s (NRW) state capital. Its name can be read on more than 20 million boarding passes every year. Now NRW’s gate to the world has a new look. With a completely revised image, Düsseldorf’s airport is positioned anew in the city, the region, and, most of all, in the international market place. ”Düsseldorf Airport – DUS,” is the name of the new concept, which was introduced to the public on Tuesday.

”Düsseldorf Airport has become an attractive hub over the past years. A fresh, new corporate logo reflects this positive development. It must be identifiable, internationally understood, and easy to recognize – including in digital media,” reasons Christoph Blume, airport spokesman, when introducing the new naming. ”In the past, the focus was on showing people in the region the extensive travel options of our airport. But today, it is imperative to communicate our identity to travelers in a globalized world, be they from China or the US, in a striking and effective way – in traditional advertising, trade show presence, or online via search engine optimization.”

”It was very exciting for us to develop the new branding for such a vibrant location like Düsseldorf Airport,” says Prof. Rüdiger Goetz, director of agency DW43, which was responsible for the concept and execution of the brand relaunch. ”The new logo combines boldness, easy recognition, and simplicity, while at the same time delivering a clear brand promise. We put all that into a contemporary and timeless look and feel.

The new corporate design consists of four elements:

The word: ”Düsseldorf Airport“ is clear and understood equally on all continents. The brand delivers an unequivocal category name, is quickly understood even without a logo, and eliminates mistaken identity.

The logo: ”DUS“ makes Düsseldorf Airport unmistakable and unique all over the world. The three-letter codes are given out by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for clear identification of passenger airports. Duplicates are out of the question. Therefore, the three letters ”DUS“ are learned and a perfect identity card for the airport and the state capital. The three letters today appear on more than 20 million boarding passes and more than 40 million pieces of luggage every year, on countless display boards in other airports, in Internet forums, and even on license plates. Therefore, ”DUS“ works perfectly with the existing potential. It is short like the short distances between gates from which passengers at Düsseldorf Airport benefit. “DUS“ stands for a smart hub of a perfect size and at the same time centers around proximity and internationality, an image that is familiar in the region and understood in the world.

The typography: The new font makes the appearance of the airport more modern. It gives the airport a suitable voice, which sounds inter-cultural and fits perfectly in these times.

The palette: The color choices are more than just decoration. They too carry a clear message. The blue stands for the vastness of the sky, and the red is an homage to Germany and Düsseldorf. The succession of colors in DUS symbolizes variety, change, and dynamism.

Christoph Blume says, “The application of the new branding will happen step by step. By the end of 2014, the corporate design will be applied all over the organization, including in our new passenger direction system and the total website relaunch. We are convinced the new design will express our new identity clearly, contemporarily, and with international comprehension.”

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